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DIY with a side of cashmere


A couple of weeks ago a new Trilogy jumper came into my life, and I haven’t taken it off since. I’ve worn it A LOT.

It’s because I love it. And when you love something, you should let it know. It’s your duty.

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Winter cosies: Hurrah for Fat Face

Fat Face

Maggie Bobble Lurex Cardigan – £40 – Fat Face

Itchy, scratchy, wooly jumpers have been banished from my cupboards. Set upon by wild dogs and then buried, along with an ancient curse to keep them away from my body forevermore. 

I actually took them down to the charity shop, but it amounts to the same thing..

So may I just say a big hurrah for Fat Face. HURRAH! They have managed to create the most gorgeous selection of knitted wonders, many of which contain no wool (including the Maggie Bobble Lurex Cardi above) which are also super cosy, super stylish and uber feminine. (Too often have I put on a jumper and immediately been transformed into FLUFFY BOX MAN.)

Fat Face

Poppy Loves Fat Face

This is such a sweet cardigan (it also comes in other colours) and the pockets are the perfect size for hobnobs. I can get 3 in each. Handy.

I also love this Dani Owl Jumper – it only has 10% wool in it and is the warmest jumper I currently own.

Fat Face

Poppy on Portobello – Jumper: Dani Owl Intarsio Jumper, Fat Face

The proof is in the pic – this was a particularly chilly day and everyone else was scurrying about in jackets. I whipped my coat off to have this picture taken and there was not one goose bump in sight. Not ONE. That is a very scientific experiment in my book.

(I should probably point out that I got a double C in science GSCE)

Fat Face

Dani Owl Intarsia Jumper – £45 – Fat Face

This jumper also comes in different colours… it’s tricky to choose! They also have a similar jumper with a reindeer on, (see below) in case you happen to be thinking about Chrimbo pressies.. or outfits.

I’m hugely impressed with the knitwear offer at Fat Face this Autumn/Winter – they’ve covered off the key colours while still staying true to the Fat Face brand, heritage and overall feel.  Fat Face

You can see their full range here and if you do decided to buy something (I’d like to see you try not to) please do send me a picture of you wearing it – I’d love to see.

Until then, I’m off to have another sneaky peek on their website


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