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Home Sweet Home Brunch
(and win £100 to spend at TK Maxx!)


To say that I was jetlagged when I arrived in Seattle, is a gross understatement. But, take that to a whole new level and you’ve nearly got to the state I was in when I arrived home in London on Friday morning.

I could barely see straight I was so tired… but I had to stay awake. I was on a Keep Awake Mission, determined to not let the jet lag beat me… so I abandoned my suitcase full of dirty laundry and headed out for a walk in the sunshine (sunshine!) in Walthamstow.

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Homeware… and then some.


Last week all my Christmases came early. Literally.

Christmas previews are in full swing up and down the land and amidst them all was Sainsbury’s, complete with mince pies, glazed ham, baubles and much Xmas cheer…

I won’t be popping up pictures of Christmas trees and sparkles, don’t worry. But what I did want to share with you was their Autumn Winter home and lifestyle ranges, which really took me by surprise… I LOVED it.

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I Love Anthropologie
(but not as much as I love my mum)


Hello! I’m back! I’m back from Costa Rica! It was such a magical and wonderful holiday and I look forward to telling you all about it over the coming days… and thank you for all your tweets, messages and comments while I was away – they were so lovely to receive and meant a great deal. Thank you!

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– Sweet Dreams –
Beautiful Bed Linen from Christy


The new Okame range from Christy

You may know Christy best for their beautiful towels.. and perhaps for the fact that they design the official towels for Wimbledon… but did you know that they also are a dab hand at luxurious bed linen?

Christy have launched a boutique collection of bed linen for AW14, which includes this beautiful Okame range in gentle primrose and ochre shades.

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– Etsy Crush –
Moss and Berry

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush 1

Vintage enamelware pot, metal cooking pot with lid, retro kitchen cottage decor, neutral beige & brown, pot with handles – Moss and Berry

I have officially resurrected my Etsy Crush feature and will be posting one of my crushes every month…so if you know of someone, or are an Etsy seller yourself, please do get in touch – I’m on the lookout!

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Snug As a Bug – Habitat AW14

Habitat Rug 11

I love Habitat. I think we all love Habitat. They do everything so WELL. It’s not often that I walk into a store and want everything I can see… but that’s Habitat for you. Bank-breaking, pocket-emptying, gorgeous heavenly Habitat.

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Joss & Main £50 giveaway

Joss & Main

You may remember me raving about Joss & Main a couple of months ago. That is because there is much to be raved about and I’m tickled pink that I get to give away a lovely £50 voucher to one of you lovely lot, to splurge on some kind of gorgeousness you will, no doubt, find on their twit twoo of a website.

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Delicious Discounts at Joss & Main
(and Poppy’s Tea Party Event!)

Joss and Main Something wonderful has happened. More wonderful than finding out it’s Friday when you thought it was Thursday. More wonderful than discovering a fiver in your pyjamas pocket. (Yes that happened.) Slightly less wonderful than realising you have magical super powers.. but more wonderful than realising you have two episodes of Mad Men to catch up on when you thought you only had one. THAT kinda wonderful.

Joss and Main

Joss & Main have finally hit our shores, after redefining how 7 million (yes, that actually says 7 million) shoppers in the US furnish their homes… and I for one am doing the Running Man to celebrate. Not right now, as I have just eaten three crumpets, but I will in a minute.

Joss & Main are the gurus of premium interiors flash sales (discounted heavenly decor) – their super sonic skilled in-house curators scour the world from top to bottom, for the best new products from both household name brands and up-and-coming designers.

A unique, inspired and GORGEOUS selection of interior decor (everything from furniture to cookware) is sourced by their experts to create unique capsule edits, which are then pinged directly into your inbox, accompanied by clever tips, advice and beautiful imagery.

Then (and this is the best bit) members (become a member for free here!) can take full advantage of all the amazingly amazing discounts. Kaboom.

Joss and Main

You know all those pennies you spend on glossy inspiring interiors magazines? Well pop that moolar back in your pocket and SIGN UP FOR FREE to Joss & Main instead. It’s a glorious ray of interior design sunshine each and every morning. And, because all the events are flash sales, it means you’re getting stunning pieces at bargain prices. Woot! (I do love a bargain.)

Joss and Main

As well as offering events edited by in-house curators, Joss & Main also partners with top interior designers, stylists, celebrities and bloggers to showcase Curator’s Collections… and guess who has curated their latest event? Ta da!

And… even better… guess what it’s called? ‘Poppy’s Tea Party.’ It could not have been more perfect and I could not have enjoyed it more. I adore afternoon tea in all its guises; the ritual, the prettiness.. this was such a perfect pairing for me and I was thrilled to be asked.

I have selected my absolute favourite pieces from the Joss & Main collections, a few of which you can see here on this blog post – you can see my curated event here.

Joss and Main

I have also done a Q&A with Joss & Main as well as a little guide to some of my favourite spots in my home village, Notting Hill. So if you’re ever headed this way and I’m not around to show you the sights, my Stylephile’s Guide to Notting Hill will have you gobbling the best custard tarts and sipping the craziest of cocktails in W11.

Joss and Main

Every time one of Joss & Main’s emails lands in my inbox, my heart goes ping! And I’m first in line to gaze at the new (and discounted!) gorgeousness. They have changed the way I think about and shop for all things home and I would love for you all to experience this unbridled joy too.  Don’t forget, it’s members only and completely free to sign up – you can do so here and if I were you, I’d get a wriggle on coz once the word’s out… well, y’know.

See you over there! (But don’t grab all the bargains… or we can’t be friends anymore.)





In love with Niche Living


I am a true believer of the saying ‘home is where the heart is.’ I love, live and breathe this phrase. It’s at the very core of me, so when I find people or companies who share the same ethos, I can’t help but adore them a little bit.  Beautiful home furnishings fairy godmother, ‘Niche Living‘ have recently launched their brand new webby site, which means that folk like you and me, who don’t live anywhere near their store in Barnard Castle, County Durham, can still shop their gorgeous wares and deck out our pretty nests while benefiting from their magic touch..

Niche Living carefully stock their store, as though they are curating a beautiful exhibition. The most aromatic of luxurious candles, the softest of woollen blankets and throws, beautiful glassware, crockery, soft furnishings and ornaments.. all with a gorgeously rustic styling, a warmth and a unique luxe quality, which leaves you feeling that you have found something really very special…

Niche Living offer delights from a few of the most gorgeous homeware brands around, including Fired Earth, Chalk, India Jane and Lene Bjerre, who are offering loveliness for every little bit of your house. The kitchen, bathroom, bedroom… every little corner can be magicked into a beautiful space.

The site is bursting with pretty things that I want. I don’t think I’ve seen anything I don’t want. Which is a problem. *Destroys credit card*

And, for one lucky person I have this absolutely lovely The Braided Rug Company Heart Door Mat to give away…

If you’d like to enter, just have a wee looksie at the bottom of this post.

Niche Living uses the word ‘inspired’ a lot. And I think it’s perfectly apt. Their website (and I’m sure their shop too) does inspire you to live in a beautiful way. Cosy, warm, happy, peaceful.

What’s not to love.



Niche Living

42 Galgate, Barnard Castle,
County Durham,
DL12 8BH


SS14 previews: French Connection Home


Today I found myself in a lovely simple space off Oxford Street, being introduced to French Connection‘s new Spring/Summer 2014 home range.
French Connection

I’m now going to use lots of words that could potentially sound very la la la interiory designery, like ‘loft’ and ‘clean lines’ and ‘industrial’…  but you have to trust me and you’re not allowed to laugh.

French Connection


French Connection

French Connection

French Connection

‘Soft industrial’ is the way they have chosen to describe the style of this new range, and I completely agree with this description. It absolutely fits. It was inspired by chic, loft-style living (no laughing) but doesn’t have a hard or edgy feel to it – the clever folk at FCUK (mum, that says FCUK) have softened the collection through introducing some more gentle Parisian Bistro influences. (Oooooh)

French Connection
Workhouse Table with Roger Bar Stool

There is a gentle calmness to the range, even though there are some gorgeous bold prints (on massive oversized cushions) and strong metals – think gunmetal, zinc and brass… 

There are also some understated, muted and earthy tones which complement the stronger colours and these work beautifully amidst tie-dye cushions and cosy, distressed rugs. The dyes are actually organic vegetable dyes, which doesn’t mean you can eat them (I’m assuming..) they just look really lovely.

French Connection French Connection French Connection French Connection

Jute Floor Cushion, Roger Bar Stools, Zinc Coffee Table

French Connection have focussed largely on lighting in this range and I LOVED all of their different lamps – free standing and pendants. There has been great attention to detail and it is because of this that each piece within the collection, can easily stand alone in its own right. The Photographer’s Lamp below is definitely one of my favourite pieces..

French Connection

Warm indigos, blues and greys make up this gentle palette and I think, for what it’s worth, that this collection is going to be a bit of a hit.

French Connection
Fisheye Mirror in Gunmetal. That’s me. Poppy.

I look forward to seeing what they come up with next…


**The French Connection Home range is currently available online and at their home stores on the King’s Road and Oxford Street. It will also be available in Selfridges from February 2014.


Fine and Scandi (with a gorgeous giveaway)

Welcome to Northlight, who have made it their mission to bring the very best of Scandinavian living to our shores so we can all drink tea out of cups like the one below, carry beautiful bags like the ones above and look like Scarlett Johansson. (Her dad was Danish. It’s all I’ve got.)
One of the cups from Northlight’s House of Rym range

Look at this cup. It’s gorgeous. It’s designed into and delicate and pretty and classy and I really really really (that’s three) love it. It forms part of Northlight Homestore’s House of Rym range – a porcelain collector’s set, designed by Anna Backlund, containing different pieces in different patterns, designed to be mixed and matched limitlessly.

They have a gorgeous website, packed with all kinds of amazing Scandi brands, most of which I cannot pronounce (Pluto, Färg&Form, Klippan, Bengt and Lotta, Elvang, Susanne Schjerning etc. See? Hard.) But boy, they know how to do homeware.

A selection of beautiful Northlight homewares

They have everything you could wish for in home bits and accessories and I’m very happy to be pointing you their way.

If you nip over, please say a hello from me! 


Northlight Homeware Giveaway!

Win a cup and saucer from their beautiful porcelain House of Rym range, designed by Anna Backlund.  If you would like to win this wonderful prize then just enter my giveaway below. (Click on the Rafflecopter link if it doesn’t pop up.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Home is where the heart is…

As the days get shorter I find myself spending more and more time at home, baking, tinkering, reading, cosying up on the sofa and drinking endless pots of tea

The space I create for myself and the objects with which I surround myself with have a direct affect on how I feel, which is why I whooped for joy when I found these gorgeous kitcheny bits from my ‘if-I-were-a-shop-it-would-be-this-shop’ shop, Anthropologie

The style, colours and shapes totally ding my bell, so I thought I’d send them your way.

It can be as haily and howly as it likes outside. Inside, Poppy’s having a lovely warm and cosy time, thank you very much.



How does your garden grow

Clever idea I spied in The Telegraph

In the name of my newly green fingers, thanks to my super seed providers and new found friends (read about them here) I have decided to invest in some pretty planters to brighten up my London balcony and kitchen to make my herbs look even more impressive. I mean beautiful.

These are all available in the UK and I can’t wait to get my mittens on them…

Vintage Rose Plant Pots by Graham and Green
Giant Cup and Saucer Planter from Amazon
Striped Petal Plant Pots from Orla Kiely
Wellies planter from Exclusively for You
Turqouise Planters from Mustard Monkey

One, Two, Tea: Poppy Treffry

You know you like someone when your pulse quickens, you get wibbly and sweaty and doodle their name on any scrap of paper you can find. With hearts.

I never thought a tea cosy could have the same affect, but it did. I’m smitten. A smitten kitten. A smitten kitten with a tea cosy.

If you have not stumbled across the lovely Poppy Treffry before, consider yourself introduced. Based in a bustling fishing village in deepest Cornwall, you can find Poppy chugging away on her beloved Singer sewing machine, conjuring up must-have pretties for your kitchen and home. All her goodies are inspired by the life she leads and the twinkly world around her and you can feel the Cornish love bursting out of every tea towel, egg cosie and teapot. (Ooh, or mobile phone holder).

Pretty pastels, English nostalgia, a lovely feel of mixyuppy print and pattern combined with her trademark wonky collage gives all of Poppy Treffry’s wares a warm and cosy feel. 

She and her team of happy bandits pride themselves on keeping their local traditions alive; fishing and art have always happily mixed together and the spirit of this quirky custom is alive and kicking at Poppy Treffry Towers, not least by Poppy keeping her precious needles and threads in fish boxes, (de-ponged).

So there you have it. For a beautiful tea time treat that’s made with real fingers and thumbs and lashings of Cornish love, get yourself over to her website immediately. Or, if you fancy a jaunt, why not nip over to her sunny shop in St Ives? 

She’ll be sure to get the kettle on…


Win these Poppy Treffry goodies!

Lucky you! To be in with a chance to win the above tea cosy, gorgeous mug and a pack of Poppy Treffry’s own delicious Earl Grey tea, it’s as easy as one, two, tea.

All you have to do is just one of the following things. However, each one you do counts as an additional entry, so you can be counted up to 7 times! (If you are already doing any of the below they will also be counted as entries).
2. If you have received this in your inbox, forward it to someone new.
3. Leave a comment below
4. Follow me and RT the competition on Twitter
5. Follow this blog publicly, by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button, top left of my blog, (under the Twitter sign)
6. Become a fan on my Facebook page
7. Sign up to Poppy Treffry’s mailing list! It’s right there on her home page – go go gadgets!

Winner to be picked on Friday 25th March. 
Good luck popsicles!