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Gluten free crumpets have arrived
(and it’s a whole new world)


One of my very first blog posts was all about crumpets. Crumpets and tea, crumpets with jam, crumpets on the sofa, crumpets oozing with butter…

Crumpets sum up cosy for me and I’ve been banging on about them ever since. They are a part of me. Literally. I’m probably around 40% crumpets on any given day. (Apart from Christmas, when I became 70% cheese. There was less room for crumpets).

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Pearl & Groove
The Flourless Bakery on Portobello Road

Pearl & Groove Portobello Road

The way Alabama is staring at her cake, is exactly how her mum Anoushka and I stared at ours when we first arrived at Pearl & Groove on Portobello Road –  with total, unadulterated love.
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Banana, blueberry and pecan pancakes
(Vegan and gluten free)

A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones - Recipe Book




Yes yes yes! This is what I made! I made THIS!

These are banana, blueberry and pecan pancakes from Anna Jones’ new recipe book, ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ and I wanted them for breakfast as soon as I woke up. My tummy told me.

So this is how this miracle occurred.

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Sweet talk: Wharf Road Bakery

Think you’ve had macarons? Pah. You have NOT.

And I say this with confidence. Oodles of it. For I (Poppy) have had macarons from Wharf Road Bakery and LET ME TELL YOU, Poppy Lovers, there is no going back.

The wizard behind Wharf Road Bakery is the Very Clever Miss Giselle Richardson, who makes all the macarons herself, using her very own top secret recipe..but I can tell you that they are gluten free, made from the freshest British ingredients and are ridiculously melt-in-the-mouth-delicious. *Sigh*

Lady Richardson began her mission to make the BestestMacaronsInTheWorld because she discovered that most of the top-notch macarons were being shipped over from Paris. Oui. So although they may taste good (bon) and often delicious (délicieux) they are not ever going to be as super duper fresh as those from WRB. (That’s Wharf Road Bakery). Nor will they be made purely from seasonal ingredients straight from our lush British soil.. e.g. beetroot, pumpkin and apple in Winter… and strawberry, cherry and plum in Summer. Ho hum.


Her delectable flavours are second to none and include favourites, (when I say favourites, I don’t mean mine personally as all of them are my favourite and that would take up too much room to write. Much like this sentence) which take their cues from our charming British heritage, such as Earl Grey, Lavender, Roasted Rhubarb, Cucumber, English Rose and Chocolate Orange…

WRB is leaping from strength to strength, so if Giselle isn’t manning her exceptionally popular weekly stall (there are queues) at Cabbages and Frocks Market in Marylebone, or delivering new scrummy stock to Spitalfields’ A.Gold or The De Beauvoir Deli Co in Islington, then she’s boxing up her macarons for lucky people’s parties, weddings and events. And at £1.50 a go, (or less if you order more than 10) there’s no reason in the world why we can’t all treat ourselves. Or our friends. Or ourselves, again. 

They are, in all seriousness, (serious Poppy) some of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. They are so beautiful, delicate and light that I’m sure that fairies made them.**

So, I say it again. Think you’ve had macarons? Pah. You have NOT.


**Disclaimer: This is not me saying that Giselle is lying when she says she makes them. (Except I think she might be.)

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Wharf Road Bakery macarons are currently available every Saturday at Cabbages and Frocks Market, Marylebone, 11am – 5pm.

All orders can be placed via the website:

WIN a box of 20 macarons from Wharf Road Bakery!

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