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Mimbles’ Fig and Apple Compote

Mimbles' Fig and Apple Compote

Mimbles’ Fig and Apple Compote

Last Sunday I went round to see Mimbles for breakfast. She is quite nifty in the kitchen is Mimbles. She sort of puts things together in pots and pans that would usually terrify me but they always come out being brilliant.

This recipe isn’t terrifying at all, but I was still mighty impressed that the preparation had begun the NIGHT BEFORE (hides Coco Pops) and involved stewing and Roobios tea.

It was so delicious. We ate it outside in the garden with the birds singing (this was on the day that Spring popped up to say hi), with natural yoghurt and almonds sprinkled on top.

Fig and apple compote

1. Soak 10 dried figs in rooibos tea – made with 500ml boiling water and 1 tea bag – overnight
2. The next day peel, core and chop an apple into 1cm pieces
3. Drain figs, cut off and discard the hard stem then cut the rest into 1 cm pieces
4. Place chopped figs and apple in a saucepan and stew gently for 30 minutes
5. Serve with yoghurt and almonds. 

Thank you Mimbles for a perfect breakfast – what a treat.