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Spring is in the air…

Poppy Loves M&S

Spring is most definitely here and Summer it on its way…

I’ve ditched the coat and am seeking out lighter threads, pretty fabrics and feminine cuts. My brother said I looked like Mary Poppins in this dress. My friend said “Dorothy”. And quite frankly, I’ll take them both.

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Dinner at The Goring with tickets to
Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

The Goring

You will, I’m sure, have heard about the sensational Alexander McQueen exhibition that’s on at the V&A at the moment… It’s one of the most extraordinary exhibitions I’ve ever seen.

The Goring (THAT hotel where Kate Middleton stayed the night before the royal veddin) is now offering the chance to spend the afternoon at the exhibition, followed by three courses of sumptuous British cuisine in their beautiful Dining Room.

Interested? Don’t blame you.

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Hobbs – SS15 Press Edits


Yesterday was a crazy day.. I was running for most of it, (from place to place, not in a cool sporty way) and was tucked up in bed by 10pm last night from sheer knackeredness… but the beginning of my day began with me, bright as a daisy (ha) at the Hobbs Spring Summer 15 press show off Regent Street.

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– Eye Candy –
Miranda Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-8 I don’t know about you, but I have had more pairs of sunglasses than I think one person should probably own in their life. I lose them, I sit on them, I leave them on buses and in loos and in bottoms of bags stuffed at the back of my wardrobe… and the reason is this; I have never loved my sunglasses.

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My Week in Pictures
The final days of August…

Wildflower Cafe - My week in pictures

So it seems as though Summer may have packed its bags and is probably sitting in Heathrow departures reading Hello magazine.

I am not in any way despairing – I have loved the warm spell of hazy days but am actually rather enjoying the cooler temperatures at night and of course, the rain.. I’m sitting in Carluccio’s in Islington as I type this and the rain is pouring down outside… like a solid sheet. Soggy people keep stumbling in and shaking their heads like dogs on the beach. I’m feeling dry and smug. It also feels a bit like Christmas but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

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Swoon for Monsoon


Today is an exciting day for Monsoon, for today they launch the very first edition of their new and exciting e-zine, ‘Swoon‘.

Swoon is hosted on Monsoon’s website and is packed with interactive snippets, Vines, GIFs and lots of gorgeous photography… and not just of their amazing model, Missy Rayder, who’s worked with the likes of Burberry, Missoni and Prada…Ho no! Look who else got her mug in their mag…

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Things that made me happy last week

Daylesford Farm Shop on Westbourne Grove

Breakfast at Daylesford Farm Shop on Westbourne Grove

Last week involved rather a lot of zipping about for me and my little legs. And what’s more, I was still on all kinds of hard hitting pain killers and antibiotics for my wisdom tooth removal, (which shall forever be known as The Big Ouch) so I was a bit like a space cadet… but looking far less like a cheeky chipmunk.

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Monsoon & Accessorize
AW14 Edits

Monsoon AW14

2014 is going to have a spectacularly styled Autumn/Winter, if Monsoon have anything to do with it. Gorgeous silhouettes, endless embellishment, glittering, sparkling, stunning colours with rich, luxe fabrics, super chunky knits and elegant fur trims… all with Monsoon’s signature sumptuous and uber feminine handwriting…

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Made in England: Dawson D Rose
(& win a lux shirt worth £90!)

The Ladbroke Shirt SHOT 3_485

Allow me to introduce to you the gorgeous Dawson D Rose; a beautiful online womenswear brand, with their creative roots firmly planted in vibrant and colourful Notting Hill. (Which may also be where I live.. so yes, I might be very excited about this.)

Inspired by all the vintage finds glittering along Portobello Road, Dawson D Rose has created a brand that’s stacked to the hilt with flattering silhouettes, timeless styles with sexy and sassy twists and.. this is the best bit.. customised flourishes and details.

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SS14 previews: Warehouse

‘I must be in the wrong place..’ thought I, as I stumbled through the doors of a very cool lofty space. This can’t be right. “I am here for Warehouse?” I said in a confused manner to someone very cool with very cool hair, very cool tights and very cool shoes. 

I’m NOT here for this amazing looking collection, that’s stacked with colour, stunning bold prints and patterns, nifty tailoring, is dripping in detail and has a gorgeously vintage-luxe feel to boot… WHERE’S WAREHOUSE?



It appears I was in the right place after all… so I had a glass of something very lovely, rearranged my brain and wandered around the un-Warehouse collections that were actually Warehouse, so really, they were very Warehouse indeed. The collections were, in fact, the most Warehousey that they could possibly be. Are you still with me?

Colours and prints ranged from photographic acid colours and fluro brights to soft baby blues, pastels and whites..



The ‘Bamako’ collection was stacked with oodles of retro 50’s glamour and geo-print dresses and co ordinated sets, while ‘Poetic Garden’ pieces were in soft, saturated pastels on chiffons, laces and sheer organza…

I saw neoprene (love neoprene – it looks tailored and structured and needs NO IRONING) mesh, organza and crepe (not the pancakes) in the ‘Precision’ collection, which is very sharp and angular… and plenty of chambray, ditsy prints, embroidery and white cotton in the New-Yorky-chic-young-gal-about-town collection.

The accessories were a bit marvellous too…

Bell skirts, metallic laces, polka dots, cutwork, denims, supersize pockets, playsuits, huge pleat shorts and jump suits… they appear to have it all…

Warehouse, you have knocked my socks off.

SS14 previews: Anthropologie


I have been racing about these last few days visiting all the Spring/Summer 2014 press days.. Spring has sprung in Poppyville.. and it’s confusing. Because I’m wearing earmuffs.. but such is the fashion calendar and who am I to stand in the way of floaty fabrics and florals. No one. That’s who.

Throughout this week I’ll be focussing very much on all the pretty things I’ve been seeing from various brands, but today I thought I’d start with Anthropologie.

Gorgeous colours, fabrics, prints, patterns and aromas, (LOVE those candles) hit me as I walked in.. The Anthro experience is an emotional one and always seems to attack all my senses. It speaks to me in a way that other brands just can’t seem to crack. I’m a little bit in love with Anthropologie… and I know I’m not on my own.

Here’s a little Instagram vid I took of some of the stunning accessories..

I wandered through their three new collections and each had its own identity and its own share of detail, gorgeousness and special Anthro-touches.. Each collection also included some new brands, such as Blank, Tinsel and Denham.. (did you know Anthropologie supports all kinds of new, independent labels? They’re like the fashion leg-up for the little people..)
Stunning jewellery – see the little video for more sparkles…

My very good friend Miss Magpie Fashion Spy was there too, so we sat down, had a cup of tea (thank you Anthropologie – even your mugs are heavenly) and she did a spot of doodling. I showed her a couple of my favourite pieces and this is what she did. What a clever Magpie..

In case you were wondering – this is exactly what my legs look like.
Miss Magpie‘s interpretation of the piece above…

And here she is at work…

Anthropologie have created a beautiful, soft feminine collection, full of pretty dresses, Summer whites, embroidery and adornments… a kind of ‘world traveller’ collection, with a modern European feel, packed with lush fabrics, Scandi brands and oodles of tassles and trims.. and a playful collection of jump suits, denims, (gorgeous, soft denim! Ding ding!) and culottes, in a Spring colour palette of indigos and blues.

Me, amidst it all…

I loved seeing what’s coming up around the corner in Anthroland and I may have already started writing my wish list… such a pretty place to be is Anthropologie. I wonder if they’d notice me if I pitched a tent and set up camp in their Regent St store… don’t tell them. It’s an excellent plan.


Welcome Needle! A gorgeous new knitwear brand

I know I’ve been going on about knitted cosies recently, but really, it’s all I can think about. That and soft boiled eggs with soldiers.

Allow me to introduce Needle – a lovely new luxe knitwear brand, which launched this Autumn and was founded by former L.K.Bennett product developer, Lizzie Cawthray, (who, incidentally, pays everyone in brownies. I think. I may have got that wrong.)

Capri colour-blocked striped jumper – Needle

Needle have managed to wiggle their way into a little gap in the knitwear market by offering fantastic British design, luxurious Italian knits and production, stunning colour palettes, beautiful chic detailing… and all of this without dropping a stitch.

Rome Cable Knit – Needle

This Rome Cable Knit is certainly on my wish list – I understand that it’s a bit of a signature piece for Needle and rather popular.. (Grazia have given it a big thumbs up.) I love its open roll neck (I can’t bear feeling claustrophobic in a tight roll top neck) and also that it’s knitted in a soft merino and alpaca blend. 

It has an A-line body as well, which makes it super flattering too. Goodie.

Needle is certainly not a cheapy chops brand, but why should it be; the quality is outstanding, the pieces are gorgeous and the price reflects the experience, knowledge, craftsmanship, love and design which has been poured into every stitch.
It is British design at its very best and I know exactly what I’m going to be writing on my my list to Santa this year.
(And yes, before you ask, I have been a very good girl.)

*This was a sponsored post


Winter cosies: Hurrah for Fat Face

Fat Face

Maggie Bobble Lurex Cardigan – £40 – Fat Face

Itchy, scratchy, wooly jumpers have been banished from my cupboards. Set upon by wild dogs and then buried, along with an ancient curse to keep them away from my body forevermore. 

I actually took them down to the charity shop, but it amounts to the same thing..

So may I just say a big hurrah for Fat Face. HURRAH! They have managed to create the most gorgeous selection of knitted wonders, many of which contain no wool (including the Maggie Bobble Lurex Cardi above) which are also super cosy, super stylish and uber feminine. (Too often have I put on a jumper and immediately been transformed into FLUFFY BOX MAN.)

Fat Face

Poppy Loves Fat Face

This is such a sweet cardigan (it also comes in other colours) and the pockets are the perfect size for hobnobs. I can get 3 in each. Handy.

I also love this Dani Owl Jumper – it only has 10% wool in it and is the warmest jumper I currently own.

Fat Face

Poppy on Portobello – Jumper: Dani Owl Intarsio Jumper, Fat Face

The proof is in the pic – this was a particularly chilly day and everyone else was scurrying about in jackets. I whipped my coat off to have this picture taken and there was not one goose bump in sight. Not ONE. That is a very scientific experiment in my book.

(I should probably point out that I got a double C in science GSCE)

Fat Face

Dani Owl Intarsia Jumper – £45 – Fat Face

This jumper also comes in different colours… it’s tricky to choose! They also have a similar jumper with a reindeer on, (see below) in case you happen to be thinking about Chrimbo pressies.. or outfits.

I’m hugely impressed with the knitwear offer at Fat Face this Autumn/Winter – they’ve covered off the key colours while still staying true to the Fat Face brand, heritage and overall feel.  Fat Face

You can see their full range here and if you do decided to buy something (I’d like to see you try not to) please do send me a picture of you wearing it – I’d love to see.

Until then, I’m off to have another sneaky peek on their website


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Wallis: It’s not what you think

Next time you’re hiccupping and you can’t stop and you think you’re going to hyperventilate and you need a BIG surprise to bust you out of it.. may I suggest you head to Wallis

That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago, (not because I was hiccupping, but because I was invited) and I really did get a surprise. I’ve never really shopped in Wallis before as I didn’t think the brand was aimed at me, but as soon as I stepped into their head office (STUNNING building) and caught a glimpse of their new AW13 collections, I knew something had changed… 

Over the last couple of years, the clever elves at Wallis HQ have been busy making a few changes here and there, weaving their magic and conjuring up something rather special… 

The brand has headed back to its roots (did you know the first store opened in 1923?) and has wiggled its way into a well deserved and enviable position on the high street, rocking buckets of pizzazz, sparkle and class. 

Embellishment is their middle name...

Embellishment is their middle name…

The new AW13 collections I saw oozed style, quality and elegance and were packed with beautiful, grown-up garments which look as though they should be selling in a designer boutique. But no, they’re all in store for you and I to purchase at a very nice price, thank you very much… 

Or, even better, if you would like to win an entire Christmas Party outfit from Wallis (of your own choosing!) keep reading…

Here’s me in one of my favourite pieces – their Wide Legged Jumpsuit – I can’t wait for a sparkly Chrimbo party so I can swish about in it.

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit - Wallis

Me in my wide legged jumpsuit – Wallis

Later in the week I saw this dolly of a coat in store too – I’m fast becoming a Wallis groupie..

Black Swing Coat - £52 (was £65) - Wallis

Black Swing Coat – £52 (was £65) – Wallis

Wallis has been standing proudly on the British high street since the early 1920’s and has many stories to tell. It knows fashion and it knows women.. oh, and the likes of Yasmin Le Bon, Kate Moss and Scarlett Johansson have all designed product for them too. (Let me just pick those names up off the floor…)

So, if I love Wallis, and they love Wallis… then chances are you will too.

See you in store.



Win a Christmas Party outfit from Wallis!

Three of my lucky readers can win an entire Christmas party outfit from Wallis – you can even choose the products yourself! If you fancy that (who wouldn’t) then enter the competition below. This really is an amazing prize – good luck!

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*This competition is open to the UK only and includes product up to the retail value of £100, per winner.

French Connection
Parka Love

Snow Rhumba Hooded Parka Coat - French Connection - £190

Snow Rhumba Hooded Parka Coat – French Connection – £190

I do love a parka. Especially now in this inbetweeny weather – I can layer up with the best of them, but having a gorgeous parka in my wacky weather arsenal is the cream on the cake. Specifically a cream cake from Lantana in Soho.

Freda Hooded Parka Coat – French Connection – £220
Freda Hooded Parka Gilet – French Connection – £140

The latest collection from French Connection has everything you could wish for – aside from the super-duper-cosiness, each of the parkas has a special original feature (oooooh) including contrast sleeves, mahoosive oversized front pockets (I do love a good pocket) and faux fur trim enhancement for the style goddess in you. (Not sure where mine is at the moment.. *looks at slippers* ..on a tea break I think.)

Rhumba Faux Fur Parka Coat – French Connection – £190

I don’t know about you but I’m just trying to decide which one I like the best so I can be warm, tucked up  and cosy and ready to face Winter head on. Kapow.