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Zing Zing – delicious MSG-Free
Chinese Delivery


I love Chinese food. And I mean, I LOVE Chinese food. It started in my teens and a pivotal moment was when I chose Peking Duck & Pancakes at home with a pal, over a New Year’s Eve party in a swanky bar. Where a boy was going to be who I liked. And he played the guitar.

Even then. I ditched both him and the bar for duck.

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Christmas Tree Delivery
from Pines and Needles
(And a Special Christmas Code!)

Christmas Tree Delivery from Pines and Needles

On Friday, I had a very special delivery from Pines and Needles – the Christmas tree pixies, who make Christmas tree buying so easy peasy, you’ll think you’ve forgotten something…

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Peonies for Poppy

I had no idea that Debenhams delivered flowers. But they do. And they are gorgeous.

Debenhams have launched a new range of birthday flowers, with all sorts of pretty blooms, from deepwater roses and oriental lilies, to antique carnations and soft meadow flowers… 

Last week my doorbell went (ding!) and there stood Mr Debenhams, clutching this rather pretty box..

‘Ooooo thank you!’ (said Poppy) and ran back inside, (was cold – was in a towel – was just out the shower – poor Mr Debenhams) to open it up..

And LOOK at the beautiful peonies that I was sent from them as a belated birthday pressie.. (this is the actual pic from their website..)

Peony Perfection – £19.99 and free delivery

This gorgeous bouquet of beautiful peonies is called ‘Peony Perfection’ and costs £19.99 with free delivery. 

I popped them straight into a vase, complete with the flower food, and they are still sitting proudly on my coffee table. They are stunning.

Debenhams have also been rather clever and you’ll find that Belgian chocs and yummy things from The Sanctuary are included with some of the flowers – you can view their full range here.

Ding ding discount code!

I have a magical code for you that will get you 15% off any of the flowers in this birthday range! Hurruh! Just type in POPPY15 at checkout – it’s valid until 31st July 2013, so quicketyquick! Go and click on something beeoodiful!

I’m off to gaze at my peonies. It amazes me how much joy pretty fresh flowers can bring… especially when one didn’t buy them for oneself.

What a treat. 



I Do

Dum dum de dum, dum dum de dum. Oooo I do like a veddin and Kate’s and Will’s is just around the corner! A joyous celebration of magical romance and sparkling Britishness just wouldn’t be the same without some super snazzy Royal Wedding themed cupcakes from CRUMBS! Couture Cupcakes! 
Ex-city worker, Lady Cupcake left the rat race to set up this rather delicious company, which has skipped from strength to strength with swirly sugary fondanty ease. And let me just say right now that these are no ordinary cupcakes. Ho no – these vintage style babies are adored by the stars far and wide and were even shipped to India, (how?) for the nuptials of Monsieur Russell Brand and his pretty warbler Katy Perry. And how they loved them; the ooohs. The aaaaahs.
Their selection is dazzling; with banoffee, blueberry and white chocolate sponge and fondant flavours of baileys, lemon, oreos and rose, whatever your beating heart desires your wish is their command…and  if there’s something which doesn’t float your boat, gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free…allergies back in their box please –  they have got it well and truly covered. They’ll magic it up in a cupcakey haze and even pipe your name on it should you require. (Unless your name is really long).

They’ve swirls and sprinkles, fondants and twinkles… and with their cake pops, (yep), vintage sweets, belgian chocolate and a candy bar too, it’s a miracle Alice didn’t shop here for the Mad Hatter’s do.
I’m so terribly excited. I have to lie down.
WIN a BOX of 24 Royal Themed CUPCAKES!
I’m thrilled to the tips of my Poppy toes to offer you all the chance to WIN a box of 24 Royal Wedding themed Crumbs Couture Cupcakes for you and your pals to devour at your street party. Or for breakfast. Whatever you like. All you have to do is just one of the following things. However, each one you do counts as an additional entry, so you can be counted up to 5 times! (If you are already doing any of the below they will also be counted as entries).


2. Leave a comment below
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5. Become a fan on my Facebook page
Winner to be picked on Monday 25th April. 
Good luck popsicles! 
Where do Crumbs! deliver to?
They currently deliver to London and the South East only, but if you win and are outside of the area, you could always surprise a London pal with your winnings…depends how much you love them ;-)
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Not just any old choccy

If you are on a diet, don’t read on. There’s no point. It will upset you, you will probably become violent and I don’t want to take any responsibility for any injuries you may incur.

The image before you is the overwhelmingly delicious Chilli Cube from ‘Melt’ – an astounding haven of homemade chocolate wonderment, hiding away on Notting Hill’s Ledbury Road. 

You’ll find a dizzying (literally, I nearly fell over) array of scrumminess on display, including white chocolate and tonka-bean lollipops, chocolate dipped meringues, sea salt caramels and banana, passionfruit and coconut bonbons. And breathe.

The ‘Melt’ gurus invent all their sensational chocolates and treats all by themselves and cleverly create them on site in an open kitchen, which you can view while sipping molton chocolate from their hot chocolate bar. No lie. Is true. I did it.

You’ll be skipping down Ledbury Road on a natural high before you know it.

The best bit? They deliver. So you don’t even have to put your socks on.






Batter you up

Hiding in a cakey corner of deepest, darkest Dorset lies a heavenly cupcake secret named Lulubelles.
These are not your run-of-the-mill yawnsome cupcakes. No. These are super-duper-home-baked-any-flavour-you-can-think-of-cupcakes with chewy rolo toppings and gooey marshmallow sprinkles.
It’s true.
Traditional English puds feature as inspiration, ranging from Apple Pie Cupcakes, packed with cinnamon, to Banoffee Pie and Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes chocca with almonds, topped with raspberry jam and finished with a swirl of vanilla frosting. Yep yep yep.
More good news? You can win a years supply of these scrummy yummies purely by inventing a new flavour. Quite honestly I’m a bit loathe to share this information as I have my eye on the prize, but should you fancy stepping up to the challenge click on this link and it will whizz you over there.
I’m thinking broccoli and pecan.
Don’t nick it.
I know where you live.
Competition ends 31st May

Midnight Cravings



My wish has come true.
Home baked cookies, fresh from the oven delivered to my door at bedtime. Joy. 
Midnite Cookies will bring you your heart’s desire in the wee hours, be it White Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chip, Oat and Raisin or a Coconut Dream…(breathe).  They deliver from 7pm – 1am and if you live in zone 1, they’ll deliver for free. FREE.
It’s not just cookies, no siree. It’s brownies and milkshakes and ice cream too…flavours and sprinkles and magic and yum all bounding its way over to you and your jammys on the back of a snazzy scooter.
And, if all you fancied was a simple glass of cold milk with your warm caramel pecan cookie, well they’ve got that too. 


Um. I think these may be the best brownies I have ever had. (I have eaten many brownies.) These are Prosperity Brownies and are baked by hand in Sussex by a lovely husband and wife team who probably never have any silly arguments and have pretty bunting in their garden.
They are soft, squidgy and gooey in the middle and brownie-crispy-heaven on the outside. They come in more flavours than you can probably handle, and include berry fruity goodness goo. I mean too.
What’s more, 10% of their profits go to charities which help underprivileged children…so the more you eat, the better a person you are.
p.s. They sell online too.