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Patty & Bun have arrived in Notting Hill
(And the locals cannot believe their luck)

Patty & Bun

A couple of years ago, my lovely friend Camilla took me to her favourite burger joint, Patty & Bun, off Oxford St. I took one bite and knew that I was about to eat the best burger I’d ever had. Ever. I came home and told LM that I’d just eaten the best burger of my life and we had to go to Patty & Bun immediately so he could have the best burger of his life. (Setting myself up to fail, I know). And we went. And he agreed. BEST BURGER OF OUR LIVES.

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Juicy Couture

Where to go for dins around Waterloo if you DON’T want to be by the river (and paying river prices)? I’ll tell you where. BYRON, that’s where. 

A low key high (HIGH) quality burger joint, which also serves mahoosive delicious salads, proper malt milkshakes, (Oreo cookie milkshake anyone?) home made skin-on chips, cheesecake and bourbon. May I also recommend the courgette fries.

Courgette fries – pic from The Grubworm

Director Tom Byng had been dismayed at the lack of decent hamburger establishments in London. So in 2007 Byron was born, serving proper hamburgers the way they should be, with no bells, no whistles and no pomp nor circumstance. They are renowned for their simplicity, nostalgic value and although I didn’t have a burger myself, (too full of Easter naughtiness), word on the street is that they blow most other gastro burger chains out the water. 

I, Miss Magpie and the cliva brains behind Avaa nattered there in their newly opened branch for hours tonight, discussing the world, life, politics, the merits of lipstick, (Mac’s Lady Danger has turned me into a lover of lippy) and how swimming just doesn’t cut it anymore when it comes to keeping fit – it’s all about hard core martial arts.

After a few hours I jumped on the train full of Beetroot and Goat’s cheese salad, (me, not the train) did a round house kick and wended my way home…

It was swell.

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