Silk-Screening in Clerkenwell
with Daniel Heath


I’ve stayed in a few Airbnb places over the years, and each time I have loved the sense of having my own little home in a new part of the world. More recently, Airbnb have taken it upon themselves to enrich their customer’s lives even further, by offering different Airbnb experiences, hosted by locals, which you can book directly through the app…

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London’s Best Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate London Poppy Loves

Scooter Caffe. Pic: @cheekywkd

Here is London’s best hot chocolate, in my (not so humble) opinion. Before you read any further, I should assure you that I am 100% qualified to write this post. In fact, I couldn’t be more qualified. I’d challenge you to find someone MORE qualified, who has drunk more hot chocolates than me, and seen more sugar stars than me, in London.

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Going Natural


This year after Christmas, I concluded that I must be about 55% cheese, 45% mince pie. Which is not a great state of affairs and goes some way to explain my increased derriere.

So as soon as midnight struck on the first day of January, I switched gear and made a promise to myself to eat better… and this meant less sugar, less cheese (sad face) and to embrace as much natural food and drink as possible.

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Warm Up London

Warm Up London

Photo: Evening Standard

Today it snowed in London.

And while half of me was elated that my snow dance had been successful and it suddenly felt completely legitimate to play ‘Let it Snow’ on my record player again, the other half was sombre at the thought of all those without homes, shelter and hot meals.

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My Ultimate Christmas Cheeseboard


Just before Christmas, LM and I had a party. We invited everyone we love and opened our house from 12 – 12 (what were we thinking)… and in our carefully worded invitation (with many E17 references – an opportunity not to be be missed) we promised mince pies, mulled wine, much communal singing and cheese.

Lots of cheese.

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The Gruffalo at The Lyric


I am a big fan of theatre as you know. I saw many wonderful productions in 2016 and most recently, on New Year’s Eve, went to see Amadeus at The National (amaze). However there are some plays that come along that I am just not qualified to review, and I feel that I need to send someone of a far higher caliber to do the job.

This was one of those occasions.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

Lucy Says I Do

Merry & Bright Christmas Card: Lucy Says I Do – 15% of the net proceeds from the sale of these cards goes to Teenage Cancer Trust

I know you’ve got all your Christmas gifts already. I know I know I know.

But you know, just in case you haven’t….

Here are a few last minute Christmas presents I’ve had up my sleeve – feel free to stick them up yours.

(Your sleeve).

Merry Christmas!

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A taste of Yorkshire, in London


Hidden away in Yorkshire is Keelham Farm Shop – an award-winning family-run business which has two shops in Yorkshire and prides itself on championing great tasting, local produce. Hip pip!

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A very glamorous sleepover
at Paddington Station

A few weeks ago LM and I headed off to Cornwall for a (very much needed) relaxing break. The train was leaving fairly early from Paddington station, and it would normally take us around 45 minutes to get there from Walthamstow… This would have meant getting up very early, in order to get there on time, heaving heavy suitcases up and down escalators, wiggling ourselves onto busy Saturday trains, arriving all sweaty and grrrr and NOT getting our relaxing break off to a very relaxing start.

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A festive jaunt to Cambridge and
My Christmas Travel Hack – It’s AMAZE!


The lead up to Christmas can become so manic that in the final days of the Big Countdown, when everyone is rushing around like a lunatic and you’re trying to find the PERFECT present that is sold out but you’re determined to find it anyway and it’s all completely fruitless and why didn’t you start your Christmas shopping earlier, I can feel myself turning into the Impatient Furious Christmas Monster.

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Running a bit late for Christmas?
Don’t panic! There’s still time!


Don’t fret, don’t panic and DON’T (whatever you do) drown your sorrows in a vat of mulled wine, because you think you’ve missed the Christmas Tree boat.

You haven’t. The boat is still afloat. And it’s not just any boat (I’m growing unsure of this analogy) it’s the KING of boats and it comes in the form of Pines and Needles.

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A new community baking site
(And the cutest bunny baubles)


Baking is something that I have always, always loved. Whether I’ve been watching my grandma, falling in love with GBBO, having a go myself or eating the triumphs (and occasionally less than triumphant wares) of friends and family, baking is something that has always brought nothing but sheer joy to my little world. Birthday cakes, Christmas puddings, Get Well Soon and Just Because cakes, cookies and crumbles… I love them all.

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The Twelfth Door of Mayfair
Glamour, Grandeur and
where The Queen Learnt to Dance

Poppy Loves-Ball-Room-Sheraton-Grand-London-Park-Lane-7

I can’t quite believe that I’m opening the twelfth and final door of my real life Mayfair Advent Calendar… but I am.

And this door is one of the most magical doors I have ever stepped through, not only in Mayfair, but anywhere in London…

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The Eleventh Door of Mayfair…
Bobble Hats, Hot Chocolate
& a Winter Stroll in Green Park

Poppy Loves-Green-Park-Sheraton-Grand-London-Park-Lane-8

There’s something about strolling in London parks, when the weather is sunny and crisp, when you’re wrapped up like a cosy bug and when you have a warm and comforting hot chocolate in your hand, that allows you to properly shake the day off and blow the pesky cobwebs out of your mind…

And the eleventh door of Mayfair – that beautiful grand entrance which leads into Green Park, always does just that…

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The Tenth Door of Mayfair…
Silver Shoes, Sparkle
and a Birdcage Afternoon Tea

Birdcage Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

Afternoon tea is always a gorgeously decadent treat, no matter where you are… But there’s something about the Palm Court at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, with its stupendous Art Deco features, harp player (yes) and crackling fires, that takes afternoon tea to a whole other glamorous, stylish and fabulously elegant level…

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