A Luxury Gastro Tour of Covent Garden


There are only so many smelly candles you can buy your mum on Mother’s Day, and this year I was determined to not wander down that well trodden road again.

Instead, I got my lovely mummy (and she really is, very very lovely) a foodie experience in one of her favourite parts of town – Covent Garden. I found Celia Brook’s Covent Garden Gastro Tour over on www.notonthehighstreet.com, and because the gift is for two people…. well, I thought I’d go along for the fun too.

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My Seattle Foodie Bucket List

Seattle Food

As well as exploring Seattle‘s neighbourhoods, shops & boutiques, I merrily ate my way around the city. Seattle is a foodie’s dream, with everything from the freshest of fresh seafood and oysters, to the *best* coffee and doughnuts.

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Sleepless in Seattle


When I was younger, it seemed very easy to sling on a rucksack, hop on a train or plane and arrive somewhere new to explore… In fact, it was encouraged; Gap years, 6th Form Summer holidays, post-uni mini breaks before Real Life kicked in – friends flew off to rescue turtles in Costa Rica, pootled around Eastern Europe in clapped out vans, or went to learn diving in Thailand… After my A levels I went inter-railing through Italy and Greece… with no mobile phone, no internet and 4 pair of pants.

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Bonnie Gull – an actual seafood shack
(in Soho)


I’m allergic to oysters. And Chloé is allergic to crab and lobster. So we thought we’d make the perfect pair to pop into Bonnie Gull‘s seafood shack in Soho and between us, try as many of the dishes as we could possibly manage.

And we loved it.

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Home Sweet Home Brunch
(and win £100 to spend at TK Maxx!)


To say that I was jetlagged when I arrived in Seattle, is a gross understatement. But, take that to a whole new level and you’ve nearly got to the state I was in when I arrived home in London on Friday morning.

I could barely see straight I was so tired… but I had to stay awake. I was on a Keep Awake Mission, determined to not let the jet lag beat me… so I abandoned my suitcase full of dirty laundry and headed out for a walk in the sunshine (sunshine!) in Walthamstow.

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Les 110 de Taillevent

Les 110 Taillevent

I must apologise to you for the delay with this write up. You saw it on my insta stories, you fell in love, I promised you a piece on my blog that weekend… and then life happened and everything in my world came to a bit of a grinding halt.

So for the past few weeks I have been playing catch up like I’ve never played before – I’m juggling balls like a (semi) pro circus act and I have most certainly dropped a fair few along the way… (I said semi).

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Undercoffee Coffee with Greggs
for Fairtrade Fortnight


A couple of weeks ago I attended a very special event at the Ham Yard Hotel, one of my favourite hotels, in the heart of Piccadilly.

We had gathered for Fairtrade Fortnight, and to bring to the forefront of our minds, our everyday coffee choices and whether or not they are ethical. Which sounds all very heavy and serious and not at all light and cappuccino frothy… But that’s the point. Buying a coffee is a little treat, which I usually buy for myself without thinking about its provenance.  How can my morning latte decision possibly be of any importance to the rest of the world?

But it is. Enormously.

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Blue Tit London


You know that pub you love to go to, because everyone seems pleased to see you, there’s always a friendly face, you can practically see Norm propped up at the bar and they make you feel instantly at home?

Well that’s Blue Tit. Except it’s a hairdresser. And they have beer.

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Lip smacking deliciousness at
Tandoor Chop House, Covent Garden


A couple of minutes walk from The Strand, lies the new scrumptious venture from Ennismore – the very very gorgeous Tandoor Chop House – a collision of a classic British chop house and a North Indian communal eatery…

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Gluten free crumpets have arrived
(and it’s a whole new world)


One of my very first blog posts was all about crumpets. Crumpets and tea, crumpets with jam, crumpets on the sofa, crumpets oozing with butter…

Crumpets sum up cosy for me and I’ve been banging on about them ever since. They are a part of me. Literally. I’m probably around 40% crumpets on any given day. (Apart from Christmas, when I became 70% cheese. There was less room for crumpets).

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Kodak has stolen my heart.
All over again.


It feels sometimes, that there’s a new gadget appearing in the shops, every ten seconds. New TVs, new phones, new music systems, new cameras… and with every new launch comes more buttons, more features, more everything… I find it all a bit bamboozling.

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Warm smoothies for winter


I do love a smoothie, but have always associated them with summer.

Until NOW. Have you ever had a warm smoothie? They are my new favourite thing.

It’s still so cold outside and I’m constantly wrapped up in scarves, hats, gloves and thermals… but rather than grab a coffee or a hot chocolate to warm me up, I’m instead whipping up a storm in my kitchen and creating delicious warm smoothies from fresh fruit and veg, and feeding my body at the same time as feeding my soul.

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A foodie adventure in Birmingham

I do love an adventure. And culinary adventures around the UK, discovering some of the country’s hidden foodie haunts and gems, are some of the best.

Especially when they involve a snazzy journey on a snazzy train on a Friday evening, whizzing me out of London and straight to the curry capital of the UK – hello Birmingham.

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The Crown, Old Amersham –
The Perfect Valentine’s Staycation


The Crown is not your average boutique hotel. No no no. It is something very special indeed. It’s a timber-framed, 16th century property in the heart of Old Amersham, a pretty cobbled market town. What was originally a whole day’s horse ride from central London is now a half hour tube journey from London, and we made the most of this a couple of months ago, when we scooted off to The Crown to luxuriate in our own roll top bath and stroll around the grounds and indulge in some wonderful English fayre.

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Restoring old wooden floors
in a Victorian house


Floors: MINE!!! Hurrah!! Slippers: Jigsaw

Ah my dear readers. Finally, we made it – the floors are done and I no longer have to breathe dust like a crazy dust-breathing dragon any more.

It’s very exciting. And I’ve loved seeing the transformation, day by day… I wanted to write a post to explain what we did, how we did it and give you some tips, should you be thinking of doing something similar to your home.

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