Gluten free crumpets have arrived
(and it’s a whole new world)


One of my very first blog posts was all about crumpets. Crumpets and tea, crumpets with jam, crumpets on the sofa, crumpets oozing with butter…

Crumpets sum up cosy for me and I’ve been banging on about them ever since. They are a part of me. Literally. I’m probably around 40% crumpets on any given day. (Apart from Christmas, when I became 70% cheese. There was less room for crumpets).

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Kodak has stolen my heart.
All over again.


It feels sometimes, that there’s a new gadget appearing in the shops, every ten seconds. New TVs, new phones, new music systems, new cameras… and with every new launch comes more buttons, more features, more everything… I find it all a bit bamboozling.

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Warm smoothies for winter


I do love a smoothie, but have always associated them with summer.

Until NOW. Have you ever had a warm smoothie? They are my new favourite thing.

It’s still so cold outside and I’m constantly wrapped up in scarves, hats, gloves and thermals… but rather than grab a coffee or a hot chocolate to warm me up, I’m instead whipping up a storm in my kitchen and creating delicious warm smoothies from fresh fruit and veg, and feeding my body at the same time as feeding my soul.

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A foodie adventure in Birmingham

I do love an adventure. And culinary adventures around the UK, discovering some of the country’s hidden foodie haunts and gems, are some of the best.

Especially when they involve a snazzy journey on a snazzy train on a Friday evening, whizzing me out of London and straight to the curry capital of the UK – hello Birmingham.

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The Crown, Old Amersham –
The Perfect Valentine’s Staycation


The Crown is not your average boutique hotel. No no no. It is something very special indeed. It’s a timber-framed, 16th century property in the heart of Old Amersham, a pretty cobbled market town. What was originally a whole day’s horse ride from central London is now a half hour tube journey from London, and we made the most of this a couple of months ago, when we scooted off to The Crown to luxuriate in our own roll top bath and stroll around the grounds and indulge in some wonderful English fayre.

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Restoring old wooden floors
in a Victorian house


Floors: MINE!!! Hurrah!! Slippers: Jigsaw

Ah my dear readers. Finally, we made it – the floors are done and I no longer have to breathe dust like a crazy dust-breathing dragon any more.

It’s very exciting. And I’ve loved seeing the transformation, day by day… I wanted to write a post to explain what we did, how we did it and give you some tips, should you be thinking of doing something similar to your home.

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An Art-Inspired Afternoon Tea
at Rosewood London


There’s a saying in the world of theatre – ‘form over content’ – which essentially means that lots of effort has been put into making the lighting, the music and the costumes amazing… but the play itself is underwhelming. I’ve often thought of this phrase when faced with beautiful looking cakes in cafes and hotels, which sparkle and glow and look very fancy pants…. but when it comes to it, just don’t taste that great.

But THIS art-inspired afternoon tea, at Rosewood London, was absolutely, one hundred percent, not one of those occasions. On the contrary, it’s one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had.

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Zing Zing – delicious MSG-Free
Chinese Delivery


I love Chinese food. And I mean, I LOVE Chinese food. It started in my teens and a pivotal moment was when I chose Peking Duck & Pancakes at home with a pal, over a New Year’s Eve party in a swanky bar. Where a boy was going to be who I liked. And he played the guitar.

Even then. I ditched both him and the bar for duck.

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It’s good to share


The Village Bakery, Walthamstow Village

For so many, getting a foot well and truly on the property ladder seems impossible. Nearly every single person I know who has managed to buy a home, has had financial help from somewhere, usually an older family member or through inheritance.

So often though, this just isn’t an option and trying to raise funds to buy a flat or a house anywhere in the UK, let alone London, can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

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Change a little, enjoy a lot…


There’s no denying it, Winter is well and truly here. And it has brought with it bitter winds, snow, rain, a frozen pond in the garden (you’ll know all about this and my fish rescue mission if you follow me on insta stories) and a cold that creeps into my bones and just won’t budge.

I actually don’t mind the cold weather at all, as long as I can watch it from inside. I like to be on a sofa, wrapped in blankets, warm and toasty and appreciating the freezing snow from the other side of the window.

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Meet me in (St) Lewes

If you’ve never been to Lewes, then this blog post may come as a surprise to you. The pretty winding streets, the delicious smell of wood burning stoves as you step off the train, the picture book cottages, the generous sprinkling of antique, gift and book shops,  the sounds of seagulls and the faint taste of salt on your lips…

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Silk-Screening in Clerkenwell
with Daniel Heath


I’ve stayed in a few Airbnb places over the years, and each time I have loved the sense of having my own little home in a new part of the world. More recently, Airbnb have taken it upon themselves to enrich their customer’s lives even further, by offering different Airbnb experiences, hosted by locals, which you can book directly through the app…

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London’s Best Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate London Poppy Loves

Scooter Caffe. Pic: @cheekywkd

Here is London’s best hot chocolate, in my (not so humble) opinion. Before you read any further, I should assure you that I am 100% qualified to write this post. In fact, I couldn’t be more qualified. I’d challenge you to find someone MORE qualified, who has drunk more hot chocolates than me, and seen more sugar stars than me, in London.

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Going Natural


This year after Christmas, I concluded that I must be about 55% cheese, 45% mince pie. Which is not a great state of affairs and goes some way to explain my increased derriere.

So as soon as midnight struck on the first day of January, I switched gear and made a promise to myself to eat better… and this meant less sugar, less cheese (sad face) and to embrace as much natural food and drink as possible.

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Warm Up London

Warm Up London

Photo: Evening Standard

Today it snowed in London.

And while half of me was elated that my snow dance had been successful and it suddenly felt completely legitimate to play ‘Let it Snow’ on my record player again, the other half was sombre at the thought of all those without homes, shelter and hot meals.

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