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Kodak has stolen my heart.
All over again.


It feels sometimes, that there’s a new gadget appearing in the shops, every ten seconds. New TVs, new phones, new music systems, new cameras… and with every new launch comes more buttons, more features, more everything… I find it all a bit bamboozling.

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Libratone Zipp Speakers
Wifi, Bluetooth, Portable, Amaze


I am not a techy-whizz, make no mistake. I am often bamboozled by all things internetty, cabley, wifi-y… so when I first heard about Libratone wireless speakers, I have to admit, I was a little dubious that I’d even be able to get them to work.

How wrong I was. These speakers are so easy to set up and use and they have changed my musical life. They really truly absolutely have. They’re amazing, and I’m going to do my very non-techy best to explain why.

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Tooling up for entrepreneurs


I used to work in an office with walls and people and things. There were computers attached to the desks, files in the cupboards, phones plugged into the floor and work happened there because that’s where all the stuff was to do the work.

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Tea, recipe browsing & The Archers

I may live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, but I am a simple girl at heart. There is nothing I like better than curling up on an afternoon, with a cup of tea, a pile of recipe books and listening to The Archers on the radio.

That was until Rob turned up – he makes me want to smash stuff up every time I hear his voice.

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– Clicketty Click –
Sony A6000 Compact System Camera

Sony A6000 compact camera system

In my on-going quest for finding super duper tech to make Summer even better, which includes finding clever cameras for bloggers, this is the latest model I’m toot tooting about. The Sony A6000 is small enough to fit in a largish pocket, but stout and sturdy as well – this is no flimsy bit of kit. And it’s cute, too. Small, stout, sturdy and cute. What’s not to love.

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Samsung’s Gorgeous New Curved Monitor


You know I love my laptop. You know it because it is permanently attached to me. It’s in my bag, under my arm, on my café table next to my latte and is never very far away… unless I’m in the sea. Really, really far out.

But even though I love my laptop, my back and neck have very different ideas. Both these bits of my body often end up scrunched up when I’m working away… and I don’t even notice. I don’t notice because I’m still (fairly) young, but I know that these things are going to catch up with me and I certainly DO NOT want to be a scrunched up old lassy.

So getting this Samsung curved monitor is definitely one of the most sensible things I’ve done in a long while… all of a sudden, I’m looking up! Hello happy long neck.

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ASUS ME176 MemoPad
(It won’t break the bank)

ASUS ME176 MeMoPad

I am an Apple girl through and through.. not because they are necessarily the best, but because I am a creature of habit when it comes to technology. I remember when my beloved Nokia 3210 came to the end of its life – I had a mild moment of panic. How ever would I learn a new system?! (Loved that Nokia.)

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Now hear this!
Denon Wireless Fitness
Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

Denon-Wireless-Fitness-Bluetooth-in-Ear-Headphones 3

I always have such good intentions when it comes to running. I really mean to do it. I mean, I really, really mean to do it. I get my trainers out, my sports bra, (really need a new one actually – all recommendations appreciated) and then faff about with my iPhone, tangled wires, clunky uncomfortable headphones and sometimes get distracted by biscuits… but if I leave the house within the hour it’s a miracle. (If I leave the house at all to go running I think it’s fair to say it’s a miracle.)

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Live and let Dyson


A hoover is a hoover is a hoover.


Erm, NO.

My life has changed irrevocably, since Dyson came into my life. This happened just before Christmas and things just haven’t ever been quite the same since.

I am talking specifically about the Dyson DC39 Animal Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. It had me at ‘Bagless. (And at ‘Animal’, if I’m honest.) I got it online here at Argos. (It currently has £100 off! The price at the time of writing this is £269.99)

You wouldn’t think that I would be merrily tapping away here telling you all to abandon your current vacuum cleaners in some kind of crazy Burn Your Bras manner, and go and get my amazing one instead… but I am. Do it. Your vacuum cleaner just cannot be as wondrous as mine. I’m certain. Mine’s amazing. Mine’s THE BEST. (I did not get marched out of Rounders practise when I was 7, for being too competitive. I did not.)

Here are my top reasons why I love it so, (and it’s not because it’s purple, although we should not ignore this fact. Purple is clearly the best. Cadbury. Bam.)

1. It is so, so light and easy to carry and manoeuvre.  I used to have a Henry, whom I do miss as he smiled at me, but boy was he a heavy chap. This vacuum cleaner can be picked up and carried all over my flat without a groan or twinge.

2. Super Suction! I have long hair. So do both of my flatmates. This is one hairy flat. If I didn’t vacuum regularly, I’d probably be able to bag it all up and give Fontine a run for her money by flogging it on Portobello. This, actually, is not my chosen career path, so I choose to get rid of it. This Vacuum cleaner is a hair sucking miracle. Whoosh! It’s all gone.

(I now realise that it is called ‘Animal’, not because it looks cute and can play the drums like Animal in Sesame Street, but because it is excellent at sucking up dog and cat hair. This makes much more sense.)

3. It’s bagless. BAGLESS! It has no bag! This needs no further explanation. I love it. The filter is washable, so there are no additional costs after you’ve bought it (hurrah!) and dust capacity is 2 litres, so you won’t be emptying is every five minutes either.

4. The turbine head is controlled at the handle – this means that no bending down is required. This is not a huge plus point for me as I am lucky enough to be agile and (a bit) bendy, but for anyone for whom bending down is an issue, this vacuum cleaner is for you! There is also a Tangle-free turbine tool which is designed to remove pet hair and dirt from trickier and awkward places, like upholstery, stairs, or inside the car…

5. It’s quiet… shhhhh. I can’t get over how un-noisy it is. I remember my mum hoovering when I was little and it was as if an earthquake and an angry elephant were having an argument in the living room. My Dyson has been engineered for reduced noise levels and it really really works.

There are lots of other clever bits and pieces, which have made the whole vacuuming experience much more pleasurable; It has a long hose – 3.5m and it can stretch to 5m, it has a foot operated cord rewind, it has a central steering mechanism, so it’s easy to control, it makes coffee and their website states that Dyson cyclones remove more dirt than any other cyclone.

It doesn’t really make coffee.

So there you have it. New vacuum, new life. I am one happy, hair-free Poppy.

Well done Mr Dyson. Hats off.


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Techy review: iPad Mini

My iPhone and I have always been best buddies. Even when I dropped it in the loo. Even when I smashed the screen and I had to go to the Apple Store and wait for 3 hours with no chocolate cake in sight.. It has always been one of my favourite things in my trusty bag (it ties with my emergency bag of Monster Munch) and it is rarely out of my reach. It’s my lifeline to the Bigger Picture and I love that I can connect with people whether I’m on a train, on a mountain or on a beach.

Little did I know that there was a new best buddy on the horizon.. one just as pretty, white and shiny.. and that does things bigger and, um, sometimes better..?

Introducing my new best friend – the iPad Mini. This twinkly treasure (which I got from Argos) is slowly but surely becoming an essential part of my out-and-about-blogging-kit and is bringing me all kinds of happiness. That is not an exaggeration – I have been watching catch-up TV and movies on trains. MOVIES ON TRAINS! Don’t ever underestimate the amount of joy this can bring anyone. Especially me. Especially when it’s Cocktail. *Sigh*

I am a big emailer – they ping in and ping out extremely frequently and keeping up with them all can be tricky, to say the least. I have often found myself tapping maniacally on my iPhone, on the teeny tiny keyboard, trying to check my teeny tiny spelling and grammar on the teeny tiny screen.. but no more. Nope. Emailing on the iPad mini is a treat – the screen (7.9″) is bright and clear and feels big. It’s so much easier to organise emails and when there’s no wifi I just stack them up and send them all when tinternet reappears… it’s a bit dreamy..

Facetime has been brilliant! I’m used to contorting myself into all kinds of funny positions on my iPhone.. (“can you see me now? Now? NOW?”) but I’ve been nattering away (and cooking/doodling at the same time) with un-pixelated ease, with pals in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and, um, Bristol…

I’ve also linked up to my Kindle account and am finally catching up on all those books I’d downloaded but hadn’t yet read.. (by the by, have you read Wolf Hall? Loving it.)

iCal looks slick and smart and Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest all look and work beautifully on the iPad mini – the screen resolution is super sharp (I’d heard rumours that this wasn’t the case) and the large images make working on these old faithful apps a complete pleasure. I have even discovered some new snazzy apps, one in particular, which is fast becoming top of the pops for me..

Pocket is a gorgeous little app, which allows you to save web pages to read later when you’re offline. This is great if you’re zoning in and out of wifi, (this would have been so helpful when I was at Wilderness in August) or if you know you’ll be somewhere with no webbynet for a bit. I love the concept of popping things in your pocket for later.. be it web page or hobnob.

I am loving hanging out with my new pal and I feel as though I’m really only scratching the surface. If you have an iPad mini and you know of an app I should have or some little iPad secrets – please pass them my way!

I may even share my Monster Munch..

iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB
£269 at Argos


Music to my ears (..and win a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

I love listening to music when I’m out and about.. it’s like having a soundtrack to my life. Somedays I’ll be skipping down the street in the sunshine to Rosi Golan, and other days I’ll be listening secretly to Les Mis on the tube. ONE DAY MOREEEEE!! (I have been known to cry at ‘Bring Him Home’ on the Northern Line. It wasn’t my greatest moment..)

The headphones I wear really makes or breaks the listening experience, and I have been lucky enough to be in the possession of a pair of the new Philips Downtown Denims. (Cue ‘Ooooooooh’) 

Philips sent them to me to try out over a four week period, as part of their You Need to Hear This campaign. They have been coming with me on all my adventures over the last few weeks and the verdict is in. Poppy Loves.

Not only are these headphones great for sound quality, but they Look Awesome. (Can I say ‘awesome’ and not be American and get away with it? Do I sound ridiculous? I need a better word.) The main headband is covered in white stitched denim – it’s looks really cool (can I say ‘cool’?) and stylish and they have certainly been causing heads (three, so far) to turn.

Back to the sound quality – Philips have integrated MusicSeal Technology into the headphones, which essentially means your music won’t leak out and annoy all the people around you. And it really works. I turned my music up to a silly level (ouch!) and still it couldn’t be a heard by my friend sitting next to me on the tube. It works both ways too – sitting on the Central Line (I do get around you know) listening to my tunes, I was blissfully unaware of the chattering commuters, the argumentative child next to me and the ricketty rumbling of the train.

The headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear – they are so soft! Made of a faux leather, they feel like you are wearing giant marshmallows on your ears. I wore them for 4 hours on the trot recently, on the train home from Edinburgh, and they remained comfortable for the entire journey.

The really good news is that I have a pair to give away! See below for competition details, and in the meantime I suggest you give your tinny smartphone headphones the heave-ho and jump on board the sound revolution with me. I am SO COOL! 

(I’m listening to My Fair Lady. Shhhh.)

Philips Downtown Denim Headphones

WIN a pair of Philips Downtown Denim Headphones!

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Type hype


I typed this. Me. Poppy. I.

I typed it on my iPhone, then pinged it to myself and popped it up here for all the world to see. Clever me.

The Amazing Typewriter‘ is a gorgeous retro little app and I love love love it. Record your thoughts and texty doodles, then tweet ’em, email ’em or save them to peruse or ping at a later date.

It looks like a a typewriter, it sounds like a typewriter (with the scratchy clicks and the ‘ding!’ and everything!) and somehow makes you feel that what you are writing is very clever and poignant. Which, of course it is.

There are only a limited number available to buy, so do get a wriggle on if it tickles your fancy.


p.s. Am back from NZ. Thank you for all your welcome home messages – it’s lovely to be back x x x

Download the app here


Illustrate the point. Stop.

Enter Artogram. This clever little, (but oh so beautiful) app allows you to write short messages onto its gorgeous collection of cards, designed by a carefully selected group of independent illustrators, each with their own collections.

Once you’ve designed your card you can then email it, text it or share it on Twitter or Facebook.. super duper clever and really really lovely and simple to use.

I absolutely adore the artwork – it’s sophisticated, unusual and just the kind of thing I look for when I pop into my local card shop.

I used my iPhone to make the one above and if you have an iPad, (Poppy doesn’t) you’re in for a treat as there are clever animations available too..

So go and download it immediately! Or why not win it instead – I have 5 to give away and you just have to do at least one of the following:

1. Sign up to my mailing list (compulsory to be entered)
2. Follow my blog by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button top left of my blog, (under the Twitter sign)
3. Leave a comment on this blog post
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Comp ends on Friday 23rd March.