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Etsy Everyday Emporium

Etsy Everyday Emporium

You may recall how much I love Etsy and their ethos from my previous post, where I also beeped loudly about how excited I was about their forthcoming pop up and how you wouldn’t have to buy anything with actual MONEY but instead with an INSTAGRAM snap…

Well, last week saw their Etsy Everyday Emporium hit the streets of Fitzrovia, which was the source of MUCH excitement, some very long wiggly queues of people peering through fogged up windows before opening hours, and some narrowly avoided fisticuffs… (Not really, but is good for drama).

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– Etsy Crush –
Bee The Maker

Bee The Maker - Handmade Crackers

This is my last Christmassy post. I promise. But I had to tell you about my newest Etsy discovery, which brightened up our Christmas lunch no end…

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– Etsy Crush –
Anna’s Drawing Room

Anna's Drawing Room

For me, half the fun of present giving is the wrapping, card writing and the sticking of sparkly stars and twinkles all over the package! (Just me?)

My Etsy Crush this month is winging its way to you from Worthing, fresh out of the loving crafty fingers off one Miss Anna Vartianen, who loves to make beautiful things for gifting and for the home.

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Etsy Crush
– Buy British on Button Lane –

Button Lane When I was small I used to play for hours with my mum’s button tin; Emptying them out onto the carpet, sorting them into colours, sizes and shapes…watching the light dance through the pearly ones and pretending the silver and gold ones were treasure…

Hours would go by and then I’d put them all back into the tin again, ready for the next time.

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– Etsy Crush –
Moss and Berry

Moss and Berry - Poppy Loves Etsy Crush 1

Vintage enamelware pot, metal cooking pot with lid, retro kitchen cottage decor, neutral beige & brown, pot with handles – Moss and Berry

I have officially resurrected my Etsy Crush feature and will be posting one of my crushes every month…so if you know of someone, or are an Etsy seller yourself, please do get in touch – I’m on the lookout!

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Etsy Crush: Loving Alice

Nobody doesn’t like flowers.. and especially not super duper pretty flowers on a pretty head band.. which is why Isobel Drummond’s gorgeous little business – ‘Loving Alice‘ – has been growing (flower pun!) and blooming (bam!) in front of our very eyes.
Coming from a fashion, fine art and photography background, Isobel was looking for ways to combine her clever creative skills with her current position of a fashion and celebrity stylist… (busy lady is Isobel..)
She only started making her gorgeous headbands a month ago and has already had members of the Made in Chelsea cast, Geordie Shore and Abi Alton wearing them out and about and on t’telly too. Clever Isobel.

Me, feeling like a princess in my 'Loving Alice' flower crown..

Me, feeling like a princess in my ‘Loving Alice’ flower crown..

She makes them in all sizes and all colours, from pale creams and off-whites through to pinks, purples and even blacks.. so you can mix and match and pick out petals that are just right for you… I asked for pink as today is Wear it Pink Day… so I can be pretty in pink and raise awareness for Breast Cancer all at the same time. 
Some people where them around the house and others have bought them for parties, weddings or festivals.. I wish I’d had one when I was at Wilderness!

'Loving Alice' corsages worn by the X Factor dancers

‘Loving Alice’ corsages worn by the X Factor dancers

You can buy one of your very own in her Etsy shop, and you can also enter my snazzy competition to win a bespoke ‘Loving Alice’ gorgeous flower crown! Just see below the bottom of this post, (it’s open to the UK only)
Bloomin’ marvellous.

Win a Loving Alice Flower Crown!

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Etsy Crush: Hello Kitty

I’m not usually one for a four-pack, but these kitty pal pin packs had me at meow.

These four kitties all come together on a chocolate coloured floral card with each one sporting a different colour bow – apricot, mint, vermilion and butterscotch. (Hungry?)


At 1″ they are a dinky size and perfect for adding a bit of kitty jive to your jumper. It says clearly on the card, “buttons for keeping or sharing,” so I’ll leave that decision up to you. *Puts in safe. Locks door. Throws away key.*


They are made by the ever so clever Emily Winfield Martin and you can nip over to her Etsy haven here.

Purrrrfect. (Sorry)


Etsy Crush
Vintage Camper Birdhouses

Birdies can pretty much take care of themselves – they travel back and forth across countries with enviable ease and manage to make their way in the world without iPhones, laptops, or coffee. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they wouldn’t appreciate a hug and a few home comforts. A nice view, a comfy bed, a bedtime drink..


These ridiculously cute, 1940’s and 50’s inspired camper birdhouses from Strictly for the Birds are the ultimate ‘welcome home’. They are to our tweetypies, what the Dorchester is to us. 
You can mount these easily on a fence post or a tree in your garden and the bottom bit slides out so you can clean them really easily. (I don’t think flushable loos are part of the design yet – watch this space.)
You can see the whole kaboodle here and while you’re at it, why not pick up some gourmet birdy food for their brekky?

Twit twoo.


Etsy Crush: Cosy up

Oh bleurrgh and achoo. My head feels like it’s been stuffed with cotton wool and every time I try to look to the left, my forehead starts throbbing and I give up. I have deduced that I have a cold.

I have also deduced that this is my punishment for eating a staple diet of mince pies and cranberryjellyspreadoneverything for the last month… (I stand by my decision. Totally worth it.)

Some turn to Lemsip, others turn to re-runs of ER… and I (Poppy) turn to tea when I’m feeling a bit coldy. Not just a chuck-it-in-a-mug tea though, but proper Tea-In-a-Pot-Tea…such a lovely ritual. If you are also a Tea-In-a-Pot-Tea lover, (hello!) then I suspect you already have a tea cosy. It’s probably a bit worn and a bit stained but no doubt full of memories and stories. Tea cosies have ears you see, so just imagine all things they’ve heard you nattering about over a brew.. *Ponders* (Important – they don’t have mouths so don’t worry; your secrets are safe.)

The above tea cosy is hand knitted by the very clever Alice of The Sequinned Sheep. Alice and her sister Florence set up The Sequinned Sheep to so they could immerse themselves in their love of crafts and bring their gorgeous handmade pretties to you and me. Pop along to their Etsy shop to see all the lovely bits and pieces the clever ladies have conjured up.

They have kindly given me the above super duper lovely hand knitted tea cosy to give away to one of my lucky readers, so if you’d like to win it, please see below!

In the meantime, drink tea, stay warm and stay cosy.



Win this Tea Cosy from The Sequinned Sheep!

All you have to do to win this super duper prize is one of the following, (the more you do the more chances you have.) Please leave me a comment below for each step you complete:

1. Sign up to my mailing list ((Completion of this step is compulsory to be entered – please look out for the confirmation email in your inbox, otherwise you won’t be registered!))

2. Become a fan of my Facebook page and share the post

3. Leave a comment on this blog post
4. Follow me and The Sequinned Sheep and RT the competition on Twitter 
5. Follow my blog on GFC (Google Friend Connect) 


Competition ends Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – good luck Popsicles! xx

Poppy’s important terms and conditions:
Entrants not meeting the above requirements will be deemed invalid and therefore not included in the draw. Signing up to my mailing list is compulsory and all the other steps are optional and are additional chances to win, however they will be deemed invalid if the entrant has not completed the compulsory step of signing up to my mailing list. Entrants are to leave a separate comment below for each step they complete. The competition will run from 9am on the 15th January 2013, through to midnight 22nd January 2013. I will contact the winner within a week of the competition ending. If the winner doesn’t respond or accept the prize within 2 weeks of notification I reserve the right to draw a new winner. 



Etsy Crush: Eloise Renouf

Look look look look look! Argh these prints are gorgeous and I want them all.

Designed by the annoyingly talented Eloise Renouf, who designs out of her Nottingham studio while juggling her kiddywinkies and eating crisps, her mid century inspired masterpieces have featured on her own wondrous collections of stationary and cards. 

Brilliantly, these prints are now all available to buy from her Etsy shop as limited editions.  

That’s Christmas sorted then.

Eloise Renouf’s Etsy shop



Etsy Crush: K Zukowski

What a clever lady Miss K Zukowski is.
All her delicious images are digital collages of original artwork and gorgeous vintage illustrations..just so beautiful.
Bottom left is called ‘Butterflies in my Head’, which is generally how I feel…most of the time.
Good news – you can buy these prints for yourself to hang in your bedroom, bathroom…or loo.
Better news – she has a sale on her Etsy store as I type, so get in quick and bag yourself a bargain.





Etsy Crush: Sascalia

Meet Sascalia, the creator of these whimsical folklore collagey wonders. Featuring fairies and forests and animals and angels, these magical works of art will transport you to Narnia, without the aid of a dusty wardrobe. 
Originating from France, Sascalia now pops out her masterpieces from a studio in  the UK, (good news for me), and sells her wares all over the big wide world. Clever ladyloo.
With the option of  postcards, paintings, trinket boxes, jewellery and even prints mounted on wood, you can snap up a Sascalia no matter how many pennies are in your pocket.
Get one. 
For folk’s sake.