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Craft & Graft: Making Science Happen

Have you heard of the Francis Crick Institute? Do you know where it is? I’d heard of it but I had NO IDEA how important it is. How incredible it is. How very very special and essential to the past, present and future of science it is… Oh, and it’s right outside Kings Cross Station. And to anyone who is not involved in or who actively takes an interest in Science, this is most probably BRAND NEW INFORMATION.

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My Ergobaby Metro Stroller
(It’s changed everything)


I knew that when I had a baby, the baby would come with some stuff. I knew there’d be clothes, nappies, creams, sleep suits, cotton wool, bottles, sterilisers… and of course, I knew there’d be a buggy. But I had NO IDEA how much SPACE all the STUFF would need.

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Getting my twinkle on with Cox & Cox


The run up to Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year for me. It always has been. But there’s something about decorating the house with twinkle and sparkle with a little Isabelle looking on, that takes magical to a whole new indescribable level.

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A StreetSmart Supper Club
with a top chef line-up


“No one should have to spend Christmas alone and no one should have to
spend Christmas on the street” – Alexandra Dudley

I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Many of us do. And so do chefs Eyal Jagermann (The Barbary), Billy & Jack(Masterchef 2016) and chef and food writer Alexandra Dudley, who have have teamed up for a one-off supper club to raise funds for homelessness charity Streetsmart. They’re like the A-Team. But with whisks. (Not guns). (And no, I don’t know which one is Mr T).

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Cosying up with Heinz


2018. This was the year that I got married, had a baby and did a side return extension. It’s an adulting hat-trick. And I still can’t believe that it all happened, even though there is ACTUAL EVIDENCE staring at me in the face every day. (Hello Isabelle).

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Saturday brunching:
Rotunda, Kings Cross


Brunch is my favourite word. (Apart from ‘bramble’. I’ve got a soft spot for that word too).

And this morning I found myself scampering through the last signs of Autumn to Kings Cross, to meet a very dear pal for brunch at the newly refurbished Rotunda.

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Time Poor. Tea Rich.

Patience is something I used to have more of. In fact, in certain situations I used to have it in droves. I’d be the one waiting calmly in line while people faffed about at the front of the queue (especially in airports – what on earth do people start chatting about when they get to the front?), I was always able to make scrambled eggs on the lowest heat so that they’d be as creamy as possible… even though it would take five times as long…

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