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Time Poor. Tea Rich.

Patience is something I used to have more of. In fact, in certain situations I used to have it in droves. I’d be the one waiting calmly in line while people faffed about at the front of the queue (especially in airports – what on earth do people start chatting about when they get to the front?), I was always able to make scrambled eggs on the lowest heat so that they’d be as creamy as possible… even though it would take five times as long…

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Autumnal Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace


Team. You are being so patient with me and I so appreciate it. Thank you. I know I haven’t written for a while and your comments on instagram and Twitter really are so wonderful to receive. Who’d have thought I’d make such a bunch of fabulous friends around the world, many of whom I’ll never meet, but who continue to lift me up and support me daily. You are the cat’s pyjamas. The bee’s knees. And all other peculiar sayings.

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Doing a side return extension on
a Victorian terraced house
~ Part 4 ~


Sorry gang, for the delay in writing this final instalment of our side return extension building project. A little thing called Isabelle rather scuppered my writing schedule and all of a sudden 4 months have gone by.

However, I am thrilled to now share with you our newly transformed home. Doing a side return extension on a Victorian terraced house brings with it all manner of challenges and potential complications, however everyone we worked with ensured that obstacles were overcome, challenges were relished and complications were always ironed out. And we are over the moon.

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Overcoming a fear of driving on the motorway

Birdcage Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

I consider myself to be a pretty confident person. I don’t tend to shy away from people or places and when life obstacles pop up, I do my best to find a way to bash them out of the way. (It doesn’t always work. But I try.)

I learnt to drive when I was 17. I passed on my third attempt (I managed to drive over a roundabout in my first test – it was a low point) and very quickly I was on my way, tooting around London town in my little old Mini Cooper.

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A (very special indeed) afternoon tea
at The Cornithia Hotel London


I had a baby recently. (Have I mentioned that?) And she is the bees knees. However, she does take up rather a lot of my time. And energy. And, um, everything that I used to have more of. (Yes, that includes money). (And minutes I can spend in the shower).

Finding time to meet a pal, have a proper chunk of time together and a real catch-up, with  no interruptions and no nappy changing is proving to be tricky. Which is entirely understandable and exactly what I expected…

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Me & Tea.


Jumpsuit – Anthropologie

Hello team, from a very hot and sticky London. I love the heat, but I love it mostly in countries that are geared up for it. Countries with air conditioning. You know, small stuff.

But I am not complaining. I really am not. If I was going to pick a Summer to begin life as a new mum, it would be this one. I, along with my new found NCT chums, can’t quite believe our luck. We’ve been hitting all our favourite local haunts, sipping iced this and that and revelling in the balmy shade with our sleeping babies (HA HA HA HA HA HA).

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Possibly, the best competition ever. (EVER).
Thank you, Cadbury.

Madbury for Cadbury

I love chocolate. I know this isn’t new information for you, but if there were ever a time to reiterate this, it is now. Chocolate has seen me through some of my darkest hours – romantic break ups, exams (cramming, taking, exam-results-waiting…) and more recently, sitting up for hours each night with my newborn, Isabelle, bouncing on an exercise ball, jiggling her like a lunatic (me, not her) and nibbling chocolate into the wee hours and beyond…

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