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Balkan Feasting comes to E17


Today Bread has long been one of my favourite daytime haunts for coffee, cake and all kinds of yumminess in the Stow. So when I heard that Lacy Nook were popping up with their pop-up at said establishment in the evenings, I did a little celebratory leap and whizzed off there for dinner last week.

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Introducing… Green & Black’s Velvet Edition

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and all thoughts & opinions are my own.


Chocolate. Even writing that word evokes a feeling of happiness. It’s extraordinary. This smooth, sweet, yummy stuff has been bringing joy into our lives for centuries and I don’t see that ending any time soon.

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Spooky Film screenings this October
at House of Vans London

Spooky film screenings

For the month of magic and darkness (eeeek) House of Vans has programmed its eeriest selection of films to date featuring a whole host of dark and magical creatures… With a collection of kids films for the mornings in the same vain, it’s going to get pretty spooky down in the tunnels this month. 

Little rippers can attend an hour-long Skate Skool session before kicking back on a beanbag in the 100-seat screening space or head straight in to catch their favourite flick. Booking required in advance for Skate Skool.
Screenings are free and no booking is required. Wooooooooo!!

Enjoy, if you dare…

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A Winchester sleepover
at Hotel du Vin


A few weeks ago, we three musketeers set off on a two week holiday to Cornwall and The Cotswolds. In the past, packing for a weekend a way took up the whole car (we MAY have taken Izzy’s bath with us. And the Jumperoo…) and so the fact that we could pack up the car, with LEG ROOM TO SPARE and go away for two whole weeks, was a real milestone for us. Pats on backs all round.

However, driving the bazillion hours to Cornwall with an Isabelle who is a disaster in the car and requires constant entertainment, was not a thought I was relishing… so we decided to have a stop-over at Hotel du Vin in Winchester. Clever us.

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Write this recipe down.
You’ll be so pleased you did.

chocolate delice
Photo: Jade Nina Sarkhel

You know that dessert you had at that restaurant once and you thought you’d died and gone to heaven… and then you thought how sad it was that you couldn’t make it yourself and HOW do they do it and HOW is it so delicious… and how how how HOW could you get the recipe?

Look no further. I have the answer to your woes and it be right here. Michael McDaid, Head Chef at Northbank Restaurant has created this exquisite dessert, and more than that, he’s given us the recipe so that you and I can make it ourselves. At home. Whenever we want. (Dreams do come true).

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Taking ‘Baby-Friendly’ to a whole new level,
at Brown’s Hotel, Mayfair

Baby Friendly Hotel - Browns Mayfair

We did it. We did a baby. We did a baby with reflux and got through it. And now we did a baby that eats carrots and laughs at her own reflection like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever seen… we did a baby that lets me listen to The High Low while she throws books on the floor and we love her lots and lots and lots and lots.

We also did a baby that means that every night we are tucked up in bed at home and not Out Out eating dinner (at least not together) or anywhere else for that matter…

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Fancy inventing the next Cadbury Chocolate Bar? Look no further…


Stop whatever you’re doing, because you’re going to want to read this. And then you’re going to want to enter the competition. And WIN it. Because this is what you and I have been waiting for… the chance to invent your very own Cadbury chocolate bar and have it hit the ACTUAL shelves…. And now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little bit more…

You may remember me writing about Cadbury’s first ever Inventor Campaign last year… well, 17 year old Callum only went and won it, with his amazing invention, ‘CHOCA-LATTE’, which is now a permanent part of the Cadbury Dairy Milk range. What a thing! Stick THAT on your UCAS form, Callum.

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