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Poppy Loves Radley

I am a London-based lifestyle blogger and brand consultant. This means I am mostly found either zipping about reviewing lovely cafes, events, boutiques and other hidden gems around my gorgeous London, mooching in the markets, consulting for businesses, or training people in the wonderful world of social media. I also teach the piano, but that’s a whole other story…

I have had bits and bobs published in all kinds of lovely publications, including Blogosphere Magazine,  The Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle and the very gorgeous mag, Betty.

Blogosphere Magazine is a magazine for bloggers, about blogging, written by bloggers. Buy your copy here.

Blogosphere Magazine is a magazine for bloggers, about blogging, written by bloggers. Buy your copy here.

The best way to receive my blog posts is through Bloglovin. However you can follow me in all sorts of other ways too,  including Twitter (I do love Twitterdom), Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+… you can also find me on LinkedIn, if you’d like to connect with me there.

I write a lifestyle blog, which means I cover all subjects from foodfashion and beauty through to craft, design, hotels and travel. I am always looking for new and inspiring things to write about, so if think that you, your company or your product would be a good fit for my blog, please drop me a line here

I pride myself on writing strong editorial for everyone I work with, keeping it fun, quirky and energy-packed, to ensure my clients receive maximum exposure, increase their online following and meet any other objectives they have shared with me. I work to give a beautiful platform to any brand I feel is a good fit – whether they be an international big fish, or a weeny mini fishy just getting going…

I have received some lovely testimonials, which I am now going to show off:

“Oh Poppy that is an utterly gorgeous piece, I absolutely love it! Thank you so so much. Please visit all our clients!”
– Massey Travel

“Soooo cute, we love it! Thank you !!!!!!!”
– Head of PR – Anthropologie

“WOW Poppy – thank you so very much. That is the most fab write up for Alice Peto – she is going to be thrilled and we are so very grateful”
– Redwing PR

“This is fantastic! I really appreciate the time and effort you have spent on the blog post. Its been great working with you.”
– Head of Engagement for ‘The Bodyguard’ musical

“Thanks SO much Poppy, this is really lovely – some superb photos there…”
– The Landmark Hotel

“OMG wow! This is such a glowing review – it’s so beautifully put and really brings our offering and what the practice does to life! Thank you so much :) Am thrilled and it’s such a refreshing read – really thank you!”
– Reena PR

“Such a lovely post! Really well-written… thank you very much”
– Needle

I'm always on the lookout for a delicious coffee...

I’m always on the lookout for a delicious coffee…

The last thing I’ll tell you about, is my worldwide book club, which has been a bigger success than even I could have hoped for. I have hundreds of members all over the UK and we all come together online once a month to have a good natter about this and that. And books. Obvs. You can find out more about this here.

So that’s me. My friends and my family are the centre of my world and I love my little life. It’s a pleasure to have you with me on my journey.


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Found your website whilst searching for an image of a Pret Egg and Spinach pot bizarrely enough. Glad I did – really good!

  2. Great Bio! Found your blog while searching ways to get more people interested in my blog! I love the layout of your blog!

  3. Hello Poppy,

    I have just read your post on finding more followers and I wondered if you had an advice for me.
    My blog content is about my personal journey through domestic violence and stalking.
    For obvious reasons this means I can’t be overtly active on social media since I have to keep my identity safe.
    In addition I have shyed away from photos for the same reason.
    I am on Twitter but again I post as C xo not by my real name.
    Looking forward to any advice you may have.

    Thank you

    C xo

  4. Hi Poppy,

    My name is Megan and I work at a PR agency. We have a very interesting client who I think may work very well for your blog. We would love to send you more information and start working with you.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hello Poppy..Your blog is just awesome..great design and topics..I found you through your post about Kefalonia island..I am Greek and just wanted to say hi and congrats for your taste and the great work here :)

  6. Hi Poppy, what a wonderful blog. If you ever stop by Framlingham in Suffolk, please drop into our tiny little boutique, Olivie or find us on instagram @oliviestudio.

  7. Hi,
    I’m Beatrice, the french girl you helped last Friday at Baker Street Station, sorry to send you a message only now, i’ve been thinking about it the whole week! I wanted to thank you again for your help, thanks to you I had a really great weekend :) I hope you’re fine and that next time we’ll meet it will be on better circumstances haha
    Take care of you (and I love your blog by the way)


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