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When Isabelle was born, it became clear very quickly that she wasn’t going to be one of those easy peasy throw-anything-at-em-they’ll-handle-it babies. No, she absolutely was not.

She was (still is) extremely prone to eczema, dairy made her sick, our washing powder made her itch and so, in those early days when we were figuring out her various allergies, we played it safe and only used water with cotton wool when changing her nappy.

After a few weeks, when cotton wool had stopped cutting it in that department (I hope you’re impressed with my use of language and how I’ve spared you all kinds of explosive details) we needed to move to some sort of baby wipe and I didn’t hesitate – I bypassed all the various brands of baby wipe with all kinds of ingredients and chemicals I didn’t recognise or understand, and made a beeline for WaterWipes – the world’s purest baby wipes. That’s all I needed to know. But to give you a bit more info, they are made using only 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner with anti-microbial properties. I love this, just because something has minimal ingredients, doesn’t mean it can’t nail it in the science department. BOOM. Nailed it.


Izzy’s skin loved them – no nappy rash, no itching, no reaction, nada.

Very quickly, WaterWipes became a staple in our house in every room. We had a packet by the changing mat, by the high chair (mealtimes are like feeding time at the zoo and the only thing leaving the scene spotless, thanks to WaterWipes, is Isabelle!), by the cot, in the car… we left packets of them everywhere JUST IN CASE, and instructed all grandparents to get some (and some other baby vitals) so we didn’t have to look like we were moving house every time we popped round for tea.


As Isabelle has got older, we’ve started to need a wipe that’s got a little more welly in the nappy changing department… (again, please appreciate my careful use of language) and we started using WaterWipes with Soapberry, which is designed with growing babies in mind. Soapberry has natural (again, love that word) herbal cleansing power, which is perfectly suited for the, erm, tougher messes – (you’re welcome).

They’re made with 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit and soapberry extract so they naturally cleanse Izzy’s little paws, face and botty. They are so kind and gentle to her skinbut can totally deal with whatever she throws at them ;)

Both of these WaterWipes are the only baby wipes to have been approved by Allergy UK, so that gave me loads of confidence too, in my decision to use these on Izzy’s skin.


The thing I found most extraordinary about having a baby, is that I was just allowed to have one. Without passing an exam. Without signing anything to say that I knew about stuff like nappies, vomit and poo, and that I was just allowed to WALK OUT OF THE HOSPITAL and take her home. And of course, I knew nothing. NOTHING. Of course I know that we all know nothing at the beginning. And then you start to know some things but then they’re irrelevant because another week has gone by and now you need to know a whole set of other new things… but what I HAVE enjoyed learning about, is Isabelle’s skin – because, if I can get that bit right (by doing my best to keep it clean, un-rashy-, un-itchy and not covered in sweet potato etc.), then I’m not doing too badly.

Things I have learned about Isabelle’s skin, include the fact that her skin is her largest organ. Her largest organ! It has three main jobs: protection, regulation and sensation. Also, and this is REALLY important – her skin is acting as a barrier and protects her from infection from irritants and allergens. It’s her armour. Her super power. 

And when a baby is first born, the outer layer of a baby’s skin is 30% thinner (did you know this? I did not know this) so it can be a less effective skin barrier at this time, which is why we should all be really careful about what products we’re putting on our little people.

Super easy to open and close – important as I’m usually having to do this one handed!

Something else I’ve learned is that I don’t need to bathe Izzy every day. At times when her eczema is bad then we’ll absolutely give her a bath, but during those periods of time when her skin is clear and she’s comfortable, Dr Cairine Wilkinson (consultant and dermatologist) explains that bathing your baby three times a week is enough to keep their skin clean. It’s also fine to clean away dirt and bacteria with a wipe as bathing too frequently can remove the natural oils that protect their delicate skin. TOP TIP – Make sure you focus on those hard to reach areas, and get into the folds of baby skin around the armpits, under their neck, knees, and legs, behind ears, toes, and genitals.

I love using WaterWipes and I love the peace of mind they bring me. And having a baby with soft, delicate, peachy skin that’s rash and eczema-free, makes for a very happy mummy. 

And an even happier Squizabelle.

This post is sponsored by Waterwipes
and all thoughts & opinions are my own

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