The Best Smoked Salmon bagels
at Panzer’s Deli, St John’s Wood


St John’s Wood is such a pretty part of London. It’s calm and gentle and some of the houses make exceptional insta fodder…

For years, Panzer’s Deli has been the foodie & grocery hub of St John’s Wood, with customers as loyal as they come, and see more elderly shoppers who’ve frequented it for much of their lives. It had stayed the same for years and years… until recently, when it had an almighty (and extremely beautiful) facelift.

I popped in after hearing rumours that their smoked salmon was On Another Level… and I can report that the rumours were absolutely true. They now have a proper smoked salmon CARVE-TO-ORDER station, where you can choose how smokey you want your salmon to be.


I was heading to my mum’s for a special celebratory brunch, so made up a special Panzer’s Deli hamper, with lots of their amazing smoked salmon, cream cheese, enormous fragrant lemons, freshly baked bagels (yep, the real deal bagels) and lots of other delicious bits and pieces I couldn’t help but lift from their shelves…

(You may have seen my insta stories at Crimbo, when I filled a Panzer’s hamper full of the most unbelievably delicious festive treats… hampers aren’t just for Christmas, folks).




Amongst my family and friends, it’s not often that something , as well-loved as smoked salmon, gets the same reaction from everyone around the table:

“This is the best smoked salmon
I have ever had.”

And it really really is. I haven’t found one I like better and I keep going back for more. It’s addictive. I can’t get enough. It’s like crack. But legal. And not like crack at all because I obviously don’t do crack. (I don’t actually know what crack is).

But you get the picture.





For something as simple as a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel to be THIS spectacular, means that the team at Panzer’s Deli really know what they’re doing when it comes to sourcing, storing and preparing. Hats off to them. All the hats. OFF.

Now if I could just arrange it for the Victoria Line from Walthamstow to go directly to St John’s Wood, I think that would be my life made.


Panzer’s deliver daily to St Johns Wood, Hampstead, Highgate, Maida Vale, Belsize Park, Regents Park, Notting Hill, Paddington, Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea and Kensington.

If your address isn’t included please email them or give them a call.


Panzer’s Deli & Grocery
13-19 Circus Rd,
St John’s Wood,
London NW8 6PB


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at Panzer’s Deli, St John’s Wood

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