Doing a side return extension on
a Victorian terraced house
~ Part 3 ~


You’ll have seen on my insta stories, that our renovations are now complete! But I really want to keep showing you the stages it took to get there… so this will be part 3 of 4 in total.

In the final instalment I will be linking back to everyone who’s worked on the project and of course to all the products as well.

This was the stage when it all started to become real for me and excitement levels really notched up. Floor tiles were down, brickwork was painted and we could really start to see how the room was going to look and how we might live in it…



The boiler was now fitted, underfloor heating was now in and WORKING (big exciting news this – no more freezing visits to the house in the middle of January!) and the fireplace was ready and waiting for our beautiful new Charnwood eco wood burning stove from Stoake… (and you’ll have seen plenty about this on my stories too!)


Extractor fan from Westin

We did so, so, SO much research on extractor fans. Trying to find one that didn’t feel like a massive lump of metal dominating the room was really hard, until we found this one from Westin, which sits flush against the ceiling and is operated by remote control!

It’s not a cheap option, but we felt that investing our money here, rather than on the kitchen itself (which was from IKEA) was a sensible thing to do. I am aware that people can spend thousands on kitchen cabinets, however because we knew we wanted plain, matt white cupboards, IKEA was perfect and saved us money that we invested back into our extractor fan and worktop… which is a whole other story…


Spotting new patterns and shapes of light around the room was exciting… I’ve loved learning all the new ways that our home would speak to us…



We were originally going to paint this wall grey… but then we changed our mind ;)

We love how the brickwork echoes the ply structure above…


Here are our wonderful architects and builder… more on them in part 5. I’ll be sharing all their details/websites etc.. Oh, and that’s Henry the hoover. He was always very busy.


As part of our building works we also put in a downstairs toilet. This was something I’d long been campaigning for, what with a small person on the way.. and also for us and our guests – and it’s not nearly as tight as we thought it was going to be! Choosing tiles for the downstairs loo was extremely fun – we went to Domus Tiles in Clerkenwell and found these beauties…




The main framework of the room was now complete, the concrete had been poured, the plumbing and electrics all done and the kitchen could now start to be fitted… which filled me with unadulterated joy. At this point I was really starting to feel heavier with my pregnancy and the urge to nest was kicking in… but I had to wait!

No nesting yet, Poppy… just a couple more months… ;)

Part four of our renovations coming up…


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6 thoughts on “Doing a side return extension on
a Victorian terraced house
~ Part 3 ~

  1. I love the tile you picked out for the downstairs bath! The colors are wonderful and I’m OBSESSED with the herringbone pattern

  2. Dear Poppy
    This is really interesting. I’m just contemplating moving out of London to go back north and am going to see some properties in a few days time. They’re at either end of the move in straight away/ruin needs complete renovation spectrum. Am quite drawn to the idea of a refurb project and have been thinking about buying something with potential return extension. The refurb one was described by the estate agent as “very tired, if sound”, so I’m guessing probably needs to be worked on before moving in. Anyway, lots of very good, practical tips. Best bit is that it’s all about the detail. Can’t wait to see parts 4 & 5.

  3. Hello Poppy, your new side-return extension looks amazing! What was the final width and length of the extension itself (i.e. your kitchen/diner measurement)

    Many thanks, Natasha

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