Is it a phone box? No. It’s a salad bar.

Spiers Salads

I love this.

I love love love this.

London’s iconic pillar box red phone boxes are being given a new lease of life by the Red Kiosk Company, who are renting them out to new start ups all over the land… They design and create ‘retail pods’ for fantastic folk with big ideas, like Ben Spier.

Ben found the phone box he loved the most – on Bloomsbury Square in Holborn – and has made it the new home of his brilliant new venture, Spier’s Salads… and he is now the talk of the town while whipping up a salad storm!

Spiers Salads

Spiers Salads

Spier’s Salads is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 11:30am to 2:30pm… and they are impossible to miss in their gleaming phone box opposite 43 Bloomsbury Square…

And if you’re feeling peckish tomorrow, here’s what he’ll be serving up:

Menu – 10 May 2016

Roasted chicken with sumac, pomegranate molasses, chilli and sesame seeds

Baked salmon

Spiced broccoli with feta and red onion

Nectarine, mozzarella, rocket and basil with a balsamic dressing

Watercress, radish, sundried tomato and carrot with sunflower seeds in a red wine vinegar dressing

Spinach, orange, olive, quinoa and basil salad

Spiced cauliflower, new potato and cherry tomato

Spiers Salads

“Thinking Outside The Box” (Red Kiosk Company’s associated charitable trust) and Red Kiosk began its journey over 2 years ago, with businessmen Eddie Ottewell and Steve Beeken at the helm… and they very quickly received full support from BT.

“These iconic red phone boxes are both a great piece of engineering and architecture” commented Eddie, “Our aim is to redefine the usage to suit modern day needs and requirements without compromising their external appearance”

Everything about this story makes me smile. It’s London at its absolute best – embracing the old, celebrating the new and charging forward together…

Well done Ben!

And with the lease costing from £9.86 a day… I’m thinking I might grab one myself!



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