Dinner with Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

I recently attended the prettiest dinner party ever ever ever.

It was clear that the Chief Fairy of Prettiness had instructed all the other Fairies of Prettiness to make this the PRETTIEST dinner party in the kingdom.

And they totes nailed it.

The hosts of this delectable feast were Abel & Cole – the gurus of home delivery organic foodie boxes. They also delivery recipe boxes, so you can cook a whole meal from scratch – which I love. They don’t just send a few of the bits you need either, you get the whole shebang, from the fish, meat and veg, down to the herbs and spices…

Abel & Cole

The ever so pretty table…

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Stunning flowers from McQueen

Abel & Cole have been around for 27 years so they really do know their onions from their elbows.. (Does that work? I’m leaving it in.) When they began, they were pioneers of ethically sourced, exceptional food and drink… and they are still leading the way today.

This dinner was a celebration of their newest venture – Abel & Cole’s new mix and match recipe boxes. In the olden days, (a few weeks ago) you used to have to make a choice of what kind of recipe box you wanted – either a Foodie box, a Simple box, a Light box or a Vegetarian box. But now you can select your recipes from any category and mix and match it up for more variety. The whole system is now much more flexible… unlike me. I still can’t touch my toes. I really need to start doing Yoga.

Abel & Cole Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole

Our meal ended with this amazing chocolate torte with sweetie grapefruit & cre

Our meal ended with this amazing chocolate torte with sweetie grapefruit & creme fraiche

Each of the amazing courses was in fact one of Abel & Cole’s own recipes and the whole meal was completely gorgeous. The long table was a buzz of excited members of the press, all of whom were as thrilled as I was to be there.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole are the whizz kids on the block and I can’t wait to order my first recipe box… the only reason it’s taking me so long to organise it is because I CAN’T DECIDE WHICH RECIPES TO GO FOR!

They all look amazing.

We enjoyed Portuguese Chicken with Blood Orange Peri Peri Sauce from their Foodie Box, Salmon & Tahini Kale Cauli Bowls from their Light Box, Roasted Beetroot & Blod Orange Carpaccio from their Light Box and Roast Sweet Potato & Broccoli Grain Bowl from their Veggie Box…. it was all absolutely delicious.

Thank you for having me Abel & Cole!

I loved it.

Poppy x



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