Coffee, croissants & catch ups
at Exeter St Bakery


Me and Julia, having a pow wow

I’ve properly hit the ground running since the year began, and finding time to catch up with friends and family amidst work and meetings hasn’t been easy!

So having a wonderful café that sells their own amazing cakie goods (and makes coffee just the way I like it) and also two of the loveliest people I met last year, all being around the corner from me, is like wining all the prizes. Crackajack.

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Emma and Julia are like mini sticks of dynamite, that I wish I could carry around in my pocket all day long.  We all got together for a catch up at Exeter St Bakery last week and bounced ideas about like ping pong balls… sadly I have no pics of Emma as she was behind the camera (she does that a lot) but she was there. Honest.

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery

Cannoli, anyone?

Exeter St Bakery

They make a mean sandwich…

Exeter St Bakery

Exeter St Bakery’s mantra is ‘made in London, inspired by Italy’, which is why you’ll find all kinds of yummy Italian treats, dying to accompany your latte.  Their HQ in Park Royal is where they bake their little socks off, but they also have a large, bright and delicious smelling café in Finsbury Park, where you can grab breakfast, pizza, a tea, a cannoli and a table to sit at, for hours if you fancy… or just a few minutes…

We didn’t have much time together, but ideas were formed, plans were hatched and I found I was leaving the café with more energy than I’d felt when I had arrived…

There are some people in life who can properly suck the wind out of your sails (you know who they are)… so when we find those people who do the opposite and feed our souls, it’s a brilliant, brilliant feeling…

Exeter St Bakery

I even got to take my coffee with me…

Until we meet again, my buzzing little bees…. and for now, snapchat will have to suffice ;)

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Exeter St Bakery
The Arts Building, Morris Place
Finsbury Park, N4 3JG
(A stone’s throw from Finsbury Park station)


This post was shot on my LEICA D-LUX – dinky but dynamic ;)


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at Exeter St Bakery

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