Pleased to meet you, Kensington
Chapter 5


Did you go to the party? Did you, did you? The very special Banana Republic launch party was last Thursday, on the same day that their newest store in High Street Kensington opened…

If you’ve been following my ‘Pleased to Meet you Kensington’ story, then you’ll have already met Hope, Stefano, Lauren and Michael… and all of them were there at the store, welcoming their new neighbour.

The final chapter of this neighbourhood story comes in the very small, yet mighty package, that is Deepali Nangia.




Deepali was born in India, headed to New York when she was 18 to study, then found herself on Wall Street, in the crazy fast-paced world of investment banking.

She met her husband there and in 2001 they moved to London, and finally arrived in Kensington in 2009… “and I am never leaving!”

Deepali is an entrepreneur through and is the founder of Empower – a consultancy which helps women set themselves up in business. Her words are “A Social Consultancy Working Towards Entrepreneurship and Empowerment”

She is a networker like no other and gets a huge kick out of connecting the people she meets and watching new ideas and businesses develop through these links – she has even created The Empowered Club for all her empowered and skilled women!




Deepali is a mum as well as a high flying business guru, and this is another reason why Kensington is the perfect place for her and her family.

She holds many of her meetings and attends mothers’ coffee mornings in the local Le Pain Quotodien, (which is where I met her) and also Aubaine, and when it comes to the weekend you’ll find her rollerblading with her children in Hyde Park, wandering around the Science Museum… and they also love the Einstein Show at The Albert Hall!

Kensington supports her jam-packed life by offering everything she needs and she loves the diversity of it.


“I just stumbled into this diverse community and found a melting pot of different cultures! I love the big shops, the small shops, the museums, the activities for kids… it’s like living in a village in central London”

Deepali is also a huge fan of Banana Republic (I’m not sure I could have found a more excited lady about the fact that they were opening a store in Barkers Arcade!) and celebrated with them last week.

Deeply celebrating at Banana Republic last week

Deepali celebrating at Banana Republic last week

Kensington is full to the brim of entrepreneurs, families, creatives and grafters and the community is wonderfully strong. There is history pouring out of the pavement and newness is celebrated… and based on last week’s launch party, it seems that its newest neighbour has been welcomed with open arms…

Welcome to Kensington, Banana Republic!

Everyone is so very pleased to meet you.

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//Written in collaboration with Banana Republic :: Store opened on High Street Kensington 12th November 2015

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Chapter 5

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