Pleased to meet you, Kensington
– Chapter 3 –

Lauren Bryan Knight

Lauren Bryan Knight with her two little ones!

Meet Lauren Bryan Knight – not only is she a total academic whizz (a real clever cookie) and beautiful independent woman… but she’s also one half of one of the world’s smiliest couples and a mum. Of two TOTAL cutiepies.

Lauren lives with her gorgeous family in the heart of Kensington and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  She grew up in Dallas, Texas and moved to London when she was 26. Now she has her own company, is the Director of Northern European Programmes at Harding University, writes a world-over-loved blog … but above all of this, she is a blooming brilliant mum.

Hanging out in Hyde Park

Hanging out in Hyde

Life in Kensington for Lauren is full of wonderful moments and there are corners and special spaces that she frequently visits with her kiddiwinks, where they spend time together as a family… whether it’s popping down to Candella Tea Room for tea and cake, or spending the day playing in the fallen Autumn leaves in Hyde Park…

Lauren outside her Kensington home...

Lauren near her Kensington home… Pic: Sara Kerens

This pic was taken when Lauren was pregnant with her second bundle of fun! Pic by Sara Kerens

This pic was taken when Lauren was pregnant with her second bundle of fun! Pic by Sara Kerens

Lauren loves the traditional feel of Kensington and how it also manages to be so modern and fresh in its conveniences, shops and experiences….“This neighbourhood has a good mix  – there are people and families who have lived here for a really long time, and there are also new people moving into the area all the time…”

There is plenty to get involved in for mums in the neighbourhood too…

“There is a strong networking community for young mums – neighbours are friendly and supportive and I’ve met a few friends just from going to the same places regularly, for instance, the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens…”

‘Where Kensington high o’er the neighbouring lands
‘Midst greens and sweets a regal fabric stands,
And sees each spring, luxuriant in her bowers,
A snow of blossoms and a wild of flowers,
The dames of Britain oft in crowds repair
To groves and lawns and unpolluted air.
Here, while the town in damps and darkness lies,
They breathe in sunshine, and see azure skies…’

-An extract from ‘Kensington Gardens’ by Thomas Tickell in 1722

Lauren Bryan Knight at the Baglioni Hotel

Feeding time at the Baglioni Hotel

Some of Lauren’s hottest mum foodie tips are having breakfast at The Orangery, (they’re fabulous with children and it’s a great place to meet other mums) lunch at the cafe in Wholefoods and afternoon tea at the Baglioni Hotel

She also loves shopping and is a bit of a fan of Banana Republic, who are opening their doors in Barkers Arcade on Kensington High Street this week on Thursday!

The children love their local playgroups, football club, parks, playgrounds and museums… and Lauren can enjoy a bit of mum-time doing her yoga classes at the Life Centre.


The cherry on top is that her husband also works on High Street Kensington, so once Lauren and her bunnies have had all the fun they can pack into a day (and Lauren has worked her socks off!) they can pop in for a quick cuddle with daddy, before toddling off home again for supper, stories and baths.

And, if they can grab a babysitter, she and her husband might stroll down to Aubaine or Carluccios for a quiet romantic dinner…

Kensington is Lauren’s haven, and every day she and her family are discovering more treasures within their neighbourhood and constantly adding to their collection of wonderful family memories…

That’s going to be one gorgeous photo album…

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//Written in collaboration with Banana Republic :: Store opening on High Street Kensington 12th November 2015


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– Chapter 3 –

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