Pleased to meet you, Kensington
– Chapter 2 –

Michael Moore

When you think about Kensington, you most probably think about the shops, the parks, the gorgeous cafes and restaurants… but did you know that beneath the floorboards of one restaurant in particular, lies an after-dark basement with a crowd so happy, so lively… and who are singing at the tops of their voices to a merry tune, encouraged to do so and led on keys by one certain minstrel, who goes by the name of Michael Moore….

Michael Moore

Michael Moore


Hands on keys

Michael Moore

Michael began his musical stint in Kensington seven years ago at The Piano Bar on High Street Kensington, where he honed his craft and played night after night after night…after night…

After a while it was time for a change of scene… “I tried other venues in East and Central London but none of them felt right – they didn’t feel like their area had an identity – they were just bars. Once I had the chance to return to Kensington I took it and have never looked back. I am constantly reminded what a great place it is.”

Now you’ll find him tinkling the ivories at Live Lounge Bar beneath Sopranos – an Italian restaurant that’s been feeding the hungry folk of Kensington since 1979… and beneath their bustling restaurant lies a basement which reminds me of the many soho jazz clubs I’ve frequented… a dark understated bar, red Chesterfield style seating booths and a grand piano in the corner…full of promise…


Sopranos bar

Michael Moore

Michael kicking back in the basement of Sopranos

Michael studied at drama school, so this segue into the musical land he now inhabits couldn’t be more perfect. He holds the crowd in the palm of his hand as he sings old classics, modern hits and even some of his own original work…

Michael Moore in Sopranos

Michael Moore at Sopranos… with all his requests!

And with his performance background, the punters are drawn to him like a moth to a flame –  before they know it, they’re singing at the tops of their voices like they’re Billy Joel himself…

Michael loves the vibe of the nights and the people who come – many of them are regulars, most of them are locals and there is a real sense of passion, fun and camaraderie… Once the sun goes down there’s a real urban feel to the area, but not in a rowdy teenage way – it’s more grown up. It’s got sophistication and style, with just a hint of that unmistakable Kensington sparkle and magic…

Michael Moore

Michael Moore

I love this secret side of Kensington…

Except it turns out, it’s not so secret.

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Live Lounge Kensington
183 Kensington High Street
London, W8 6SH

//Written in collaboration with Banana Republic :: Store opening on High Street Kensington 12th November 2015


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One thought on “Pleased to meet you, Kensington
– Chapter 2 –

  1. Great tip Poppy!!

    Mr B and I live just down the road from Kensington HIgh Street, but this has managed to pass us by.

    We’ll be checking it out asap!

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