Magical movies
in London’s Winter Night Garden


It’s definitely getting chillier… but fear not! Backyard Cinema have teamed up with East London’s Winterville to create the ultimate indoor, winter cinema. Set in the heart of the Christmas festival the Backyard team have created their very own enchanted forest named ‘The Winter Night Garden’, which can only be accessed and down a secret tunnel of trees. A TUNNEL OF TREES.

Backyard Cinema

Once inside you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite winter movies in the cosy, secluded depths of a magical (indoor) woodland. Films have been split into categories which include Proper Christmas films, Family Films, Cult Christmas films and even Non-Christmas movies for those scrooges out there….

Here are some titles to tempt you!
Love Actually
Happy Feet
Home Alone
Die Hard
Edward Scissorhands
It’s a Wonderful life
Batman Returns
Muppet Christmas Carol
The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe

Nightmare Before Christmas   

Rise of the Guardians
Jurassic Park
And more…



Feast on high quality food and drink before and during the screening which can be enjoyed in the comfort and shelter of the enchanted woodland bar.


What is a Winter Night Garden, you might ask?

Deep in the forest there is a secret place, a place where magic has been left untouched for hundreds of years. A place where trees and buildings become one, where unseen creatures roam and glow worms flicker like stars. If you are lucky enough to find the secluded entrance and make your way to the clearing in one piece, then you might be allowed to stay and watch a movie with the woodland locals.

Be warned though, a place this cosy and inviting can often see time fly and be hard to leave, especially on cold winter nights…

See you there, pixies.

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3 thoughts on “Magical movies
in London’s Winter Night Garden

  1. This just sounds soooo lovely, I wish they had this in Brum too! I’d definitely be watching Love Actually or Home Alone xx

  2. I love the idea of taking a film and putting it out in a completely different environment, bring me back…mentally…because I’m too young…or am…to the old drive in movies, which I still think are awesome.

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