A brand new board game for our city


Imagine a world where hipsters, bankers and yummy mummies battle it out for control of the city…

Which slice of the pie would you go for?

Maybe you’d try to take over East London, (bagels, skinny jeans, beards – all of these things could be YOURS! Muah ha ha ha) Or perhaps you’d like to stake your claim on the West. All those skinny mini lattes, teeny dogs and kale smoothies….

Childhood buddies Olly and Stef are born and and bred Londoners, who had themselves a bit of a Eureka moment in a Clapton pub one rainy evening… and this has now found its way onto Kickstarter for the likes of you and me to get involved.

These North London pals had an inkling that London board game-lovin folk would get a kick out of playing a game based on their own city. A game that doesn’t involve pushing a top hat or a battleship around a board and buying up houses for £2… and BOOM. ‘Londoners‘ was born.


“We thought there’s something more personal about playing on a board with the areas you’ve spent a significant part of your life in” says Stef, “and when we tested it people went nuts for the most random places they had an attachment to”.

‘Londoners’ sees you battle for the places you know and love, like Notting Hill, Brixton and Shoreditch. What’s more you can play as one of nine different London Stereotypes, each with unique missions. You could be the hipsters and try and take over East London or play as the bankers and attempt to buy up the city, all on a beautifully designed map.

This game is live on Kickstarter for you to leap in, get involved and help this sparkling new game reach the heady heights of board game stardom it deserves.


Depending on how much you donate, you could have your name on the board (YOUR NAME ON THE BOARD) be involved in the consultation process or even have a mini version of you designed as a real playing piece!

“As soon as we heard about ‘Londoners’, we have been waiting for the opportunity to back the Kickstarter campaign,” says ‘Games Master’ Chris from Draughts, London’s first board game cafe.

Londoners pub

You can donate as little as £1, so if you have a bit of spare change knocking around, this might just be the place for it – your moolar will be bringing families together far and wide, to charge into battle and fight to the death over who gets to wiggle past them Wobbles and stick their flag on Wimbledon Common


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A brand new board game for our city

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