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Deluxe Colour Palette

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to refresh a room and bring a space in my home back to life. Often, all it needs is a small change, like new piece of furniture, or picture on the wall. And sometimes it’s just time to go all out and repaint the room which always fills me with excitement – mostly because when you’re painting in your decorating clothes, it basically gives you carte blanche to listen to rubbish radio FM and drink as much tea and eat as many biscuits as you like.

Once you’ve decided you are going to paint, then it’s time to decide on colours, theme and style. I like to draw my inspiration from all kinds of resources and not just rely on the (gorgeous and possibly am addicted to) home improvement magazines and Pinterest.

An era I love is the 1950s, so I decided to look to a few of my favourite movies from that decade for colour inspiration, mood and theme…


Singing in The Rain: I loved this movie and these bright and vibrant colours transport me immediately to the fun, silly and dynamic world I fell in love with…

Gigi: The palette is soft and romantic, like Gigi herself. I love the muted tones and pop of red…

Guys and Dolls: I love this movie and am thrilled that itís coming back to The Savoy Theatre this December! I love that avocado green shade ñ Iíve always wanted to paint a wall this colour in my home… (not sure how LM would feel though…)

Roman Holiday: I love this palette  – it’s so fresh and frivolous… the colours are zingy and sparkly and make me want to leap aboard that motorbike with Gregory Peck and zoom off into the sunset… swoon.

Funny Face: I can imagine this palette working beautifully in a bedroom, with a feature wall in that dusky pink, with pops of aubergine and mustard coming through in the accessories, e.g. throws, lampshades etc..

I love playing with colour, and I hope this has inspired you to think a little differently about where you can find your palette inspiration…

And now I want to have a 1950ís movie marathon on the sofa :)

Care to join me?

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2 thoughts on “Finding my palette

  1. What a great idea, using old movie posters as colour inspiration! It can be so hard coming up with fresh colour combinations sometimes, I’ve definitely felt that pain. (I now want to watch the Seven Year Itch again, the dresses are MAGICAL) ;)

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