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Sony A6000 Compact System Camera

Sony A6000 compact camera system

In my on-going quest for finding super duper tech to make Summer even better, which includes finding clever cameras for bloggers, this is the latest model I’m toot tooting about. The Sony A6000 is small enough to fit in a largish pocket, but stout and sturdy as well – this is no flimsy bit of kit. And it’s cute, too. Small, stout, sturdy and cute. What’s not to love.

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

As you all know, I am not a techy geek and I REALLY don’t know what all the numbers and lingo and specs mean… BUT. I do know what I need from a camera to do my job really well and how I like me pics to look… so on this basis I feel uniquely qualified (not qualified at all) to tell you enough about this camera (not all, as we’ll be here a looooong time) for you to get a good understanding of its features and decide whether or not it’s the right one for you.

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System


Firstly, this camera has a REALLY big sensor – 23.5 X 15.6mm, to be precise. This means that your pics will have excellent resolution and you’ll also be able to do very clever blurry effects, like the Bokeh effect. (That’s the only bit of lingo I’ll use, promise). Perfect for close-ups of buzzy bees, pretty flowers and Summer sparkles…

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System


This camera has wifi! This means you can email your pics to your phone while you’re on the go and then share them however you wish – tweet, instagram, Facebook… you name it. You can make everyone jealous with your stunning and PERFECT holiday snaps. There is also the option to add camera apps (uh huh) which allow you to share to Facebook directly from your camera. That’s pretty clever. And makes for even more immediate showing off.

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

Loads and loads of bits in the menu, but it’s easy to navigate and you don’t feel like an idiot when you’re searching for anything… it’s more instinctive than you’d think.

The screen tilts. And if you’re wondering why that’s good, it’s because it allows you to take photos from different angles. For example,  you can hold your camera high above a crowd (did you go to Wilderness festival? See. So useful) and look up at your tilted screen to see what the view is – clever. And very handy. Oh and did I mention it’s touchscreen? Well, it is.

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

Tilted screen & OLED viewfinder

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

The tilting screen is also really useful when using the HD video function – makes it all much, much easier…

You can chop and change your lenses… which is nothing to be sniffed at if you’re serious about your photography and are interested in different effects… playing around with different lenses is exciting and this camera will allow you to add to your lens collection bit by bit…

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

The camera comes with a 16-55mm lens

Sony A6000 Compact Camera System

There are oodles of other features to mention – a pop up flash, macro function, direct printing (love that!) and night recording! You can actually record in complete darkness, due to the built-in infrared illumination! So you can go out and find them ghosts when you hear something rustling in the walls… (eek.) Or make a video of you stumbling around trying to find your tent at Bestival.

This is a great little camera and I’d love to hear how you get on with it if you already have one, or if you make it your camera of choice for the remaining weeks of the Great British Summer!

Keep me posted ladybugs…

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Sony A6000 Compact System Camera

  1. I am looking for a new camera! The camera I use for my blog pictures is a little digital canon camera which I had 3 years ago…I’m definitely in need of an update! Thank you for this suggestion, sounds like it’ll do just the job! Amazed by the WiFi action, it’s a bit of a slog taking the picture then plugging it into your laptop and searching for the picture you want – this email option makes things so much easier!
    Thank you, Emma x


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