Hello London!
I’m back and I’m inspired.


Well hello again!

I am home from hopping around the glorious Greek islands, and have arrived back in London full to the brim with new inspiration and tingles of excitement…

It’s amazing what sun, sea, sand and lots of calamari can do to a girl.

Before I left for Greece, I was feeling a little bit stuck in a rut and unable to shift into a new gear. I knew I needed to make some changes, and I have been reminded yet again how important a change of scenery can be, to get the mind flowing and the brain tick-tocking.

Just stepping away from my computer and switching off my emails for a few days allowed me to feel space in my mind again and catch my breath…. and suddenly, things began to seem a little clearer. I needed some new goals to shoot for. And so that’s what I was going to do.

I have set myself lots of new goals, but no so many that I feel overwhelmed – just enough so that I feel challenged and kept on my toes.

My goals include personal ones (drink more water) as well as professional ones (post every day on my blog.) Both of these may sound like a piece of cake to you, but for me these are real challenges!

Today I’m busy writing them down and will keep the list close by as a little reminder whenever I need one.

It’s so important to remember that goals are personal and what may be a mountain to climb for someone may be a weeny little hill for someone else… so take a deep breath and listen to your own rhythm… and we’ll be flying before we know it!

Have you set yourself any goals recently?

It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed this city of mine and of course, your lovely company ;)

See you tomorrow…

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One thought on “Hello London!
I’m back and I’m inspired.

  1. Welcome back! Hope you had fun island hopping!

    I’ve just bought a fitbit so I’ve set myself some goals around how far I walk/run a day. I agree it’s good to have goals. Good luck with yours, I look forward to following your posts.

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