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A few weeks ago I was feeling like I’d hit a bit of a rut with exercising. I’d had a couple of months of eating really badly – which happens to me whenever I stop being mindful – and I was feeling very blobby and heavy and bleurgh.

I am not a great self motivator when it comes to exercise. Work is a completely different thing – I am like the Tasmanian Devil when I get going with an idea or new project… but exercise is like a black hole in my brain.  A no go area. All I see is Monster Munch. And Crosstown Doughnuts.


I know myself very well and what works best for me in these situations is someone telling me what to do. Even when I was at school, if someone told me what to do, I’d do it as I didn’t want to be the naughty one.. and there was definitely a bit of wanting the teacher to like me too… So I knew that’s what I needed to kickstart me into a new gear of MOVING MY BODY.

And I was pretty certain, that once I’d been set back on the path to health, wellbeing and no Monster Munch, I’d be able to carry on down the Yellow Brick Road merrily all by myself.

I was perusing Facebook and came across a friend raving about her personal trainer, Anna Schuchman, the brains behind GAME Fitness.

I took one look at her Facebook page, saw she was in North London and called her.


“I NEED YOU TO SORT ME OUT” were essentially the words I used… and the following week, she came to my flat for my consultation and the week after that she was at my door, looking like a (stunning) ninja and carrying all kinds of paraphernalia to kick my wobbly bottom into shape.

GAME Fitness

Anna demonstrating on her Instagram how a trip to the park can be turned into a workout.

During my consultation, Anna established what my goals were and also what my current habits and routines were – exercise and eating-wise. She set me up on the app My Fitness Pal and asked me to text her every day with what I’d eaten and what exercise I’d done – even if it was just a walk to the bus stop. This immediately pulled my mind into focus and I became instantly more aware and thoughtful about what I was doing, eating, drinking and how much sleep I was getting…

So by the time Anna turned up the following week, she already knew a lot about my body and was totally up to date with all the goings on of Poppy over the previous week.

We headed over to the park and what followed was one hour of proper exercise. Running, jumping, laughing, falling over-ing… and it was enormous fun. She also has excellent taste in music so leaping about to the tunes blaring out of her phone made it even more enjoyable.

Anna Schuchman. NINJA.

Anna Schuchman. NINJA.

She worked me extremely hard and although I found it tough at times, I loved that I’d done it and felt an overwhelming sense of achievement at the end of each session. She knew my limits and I felt safe with her pushing me.

Anna taught me about my body from inside out. Things I hadn’t considered before were suddenly blindingly obvious – like drinking sugar-free cordial. If it’s sugar-free and sweet, then it’s going to be filled with something else, not natural and most probably doing some other naughty damage elsewhere… so, I cut it out.

I now DRINK MORE WATER. I know this may sound obvious to you, but honestly, I look after my plants better than I look after myself. I’d be glowing if I were a geranium on my balcony – they’re doing brilliantly!


Anna will come to your home and adapts her workouts to your environment, no matter how small the space

But the biggest change in me is the mindfulness that comes from writing down and logging what I’m eating and what exercise I’m doing. It’s a total game changer.

Anna is like a wellbeing fairy godmother. She’s non judgmental, so SO lovely, she comes to you and works with you to achieve your own goals – she doesn’t have an agenda of her own – it’s all about you. All the pictures in the piece are taken directly from her Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and each one makes me smile and want to MOVE!


She is completely brilliant at her job – I’m sitting here feeling healthier, looking so much better, with a bottle of water next to me and have ‘GO RUNNING!’ written in my diary for tomorrow morning.

And I can’t wait.

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