An anonymous poem is
making London smile



I do like this little story…

Londoner Ronnie Joice saw this poem pinned up on a wall of a bar in North London and it is now doing the rounds on social media while his Twitter account is being bombarded with messages.

At first the poem appears to be all doom and gloom… but read on to the end and enjoy the unexpected surprise…

After a little investigating by Mashable on, it appears as though it may have been written by a high school student in New York called Chanie Gorkin… and I suspect she’s doing rather well in her creative writing classes! But no one is completely sure – the poem arrived in London as if by magic and is spreading a rather important message…

Things aren’t always as they seem, are they?

Especially not in London..

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8 thoughts on “An anonymous poem is
making London smile

  1. That’s beautiful. The first read I was like wow that’s depressing, but then it turns it all around – a wonderful idea. x

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