Samsung’s Gorgeous New Curved Monitor


You know I love my laptop. You know it because it is permanently attached to me. It’s in my bag, under my arm, on my café table next to my latte and is never very far away… unless I’m in the sea. Really, really far out.

But even though I love my laptop, my back and neck have very different ideas. Both these bits of my body often end up scrunched up when I’m working away… and I don’t even notice. I don’t notice because I’m still (fairly) young, but I know that these things are going to catch up with me and I certainly DO NOT want to be a scrunched up old lassy.

So getting this Samsung curved monitor is definitely one of the most sensible things I’ve done in a long while… all of a sudden, I’m looking up! Hello happy long neck.

Samsung curved monitor SE790C on white desk

The speakers you can see are there for when I just use my laptop – the monitor has its own built in stereo speakers…

Samsung Curved Monitor SE790C

And, as you can already see, this is no ordinary monitor. This is a super sonic amazing 34″ SE790C Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor. Did I mention that it’s CURVED?

The curved thing is interesting, because I really had no idea why that would be a good idea… but actually, it’s a very very clever thing; the curved screen follows the natural curve of a human eye, which results in a 3D-like effect, it enhances the overall picture quality, provides a wider viewing angle (I love all this techy stuff!) and also makes the monitor seem to be much bigger than it actually is. See? Clever.

Super slick design...

Super slick design…

I love the curves!

I love the curves!

Have you ever used a monitor where there’s a slight flicker on the screen? And you try to ignore it but in the end you get a headache and have to sit in a dark room instead? Yes, well, this problem is NO MORE as there is actually something called ‘flicker free technology’ (uh huh) and this monitor has it in droves. Kick that flicker to the curb, turn up the music (or The Archers) and play it loudly though its snazzy built in stereo speakers.


Samsung curved monitor

Now there are two other features that I know you will want to know about, but they are a bit techy, so bear with me. They are called Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture. (Similar, but different.) The Picture-by-Picture mode means you can view content from two devices simultaneously – the screen is essentially split in half. (I fear I have lost mum already.) Mum, what that means is that you can plug in your iPhone AND your laptop at the same time, and see things from both of them on the screen together. Because the screen is BIG!

Samsung Curved Monitor Picture by Picture PBP

Picture by picture…

Picture IN Picture is completely different – it allows you to watch a video, which sits on top of whatever else it is you’re working on. You can resize the video so it’s nice and small and place it wherever you like on the screen. (Mum – it’s like when we Skype and you can see yourself in that little square you can move around, while I stay nice and big in the background…)

Samsung Curved Monitor


There is so much more to say about this monitor – it’s wall mountable, eco saving and has a height adjustable stand… For those of you who love the techy detail, just whizz over here and knock yourself out on all the amazing features.

But for those of you who just appreciate great design, beautiful technology and curves in all the right places… Kablam!

Holy curved VA LED screen with flicker free technology, Batman!

We’ve found ourselves a winner.

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Samsung sent me the monitor to review and if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung’s Gorgeous New Curved Monitor

  1. Oooo this is looking pretty slick. I’ve been eyeing up those curved screens for a while. Bit out of my budget at the moment but one day… great write up!

  2. I can definitely sympathise with the scrunched back and neck from laptop use. Love the screen it looks incredible, very slim line and modern!

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