Melba at The Savoy

Eclairs at Melba - The Savoy

Éclairs are the new black. Or something. I haven’t ever seen anything quite like it… a beautiful long counter packed to the hilt with glossy, exquisite, immaculately designed éclairs.. all of which will make you paw at the counter’s glass like a child… and all of which you will want to eat. I know this because I did.

Melba at The Savoy is the new gourmet take-away counter on the Strand… and it is out of this world.

Pink Eclair

Lychee, Rose & Raspberry

Eclairs from Melba at The Savoy

Costa Roca 70% Dark Chocolate, Orange & Passionfruit, Peach Melba

Melba Eclairs

Creme Brûlée Eclair…

Melba Eclairs

Dame Nellie Melba on an Eclair… The Savoy’s executive chef was so enchanted by hotel guest Dame Nellie Melba in the late 1800s

Melba Eclairs

A box of six eclairs from Melba at The Savoy

A box of six to go…

Melba at The Savoy open just a couple of weeks ago, located directly on the Strand at the corner of Savoy Court. The menu at Melba is created by executive pastry chef, Ludwig Hely, he has kicked off proceedings with The Savoy’s new signature item; éclairs.

He chose these as recognition of his French roots and own childhood memories… I certainly have a few éclair eating memories as a child!

“The éclair presents so much opportunity to be creative,” said Hely “As a child it was only about a simple, coffee éclair and now as a pastry chef I can play with different flavours, some classic and some more unusual, while also being artistic with the presentation. The ultimate goal is to create something that will make people smile.” -Hely.

He has launched with a dozen sweet flavours, but they will also change seasonally… when I popped in a few days ago with Gemma, we could choose from passion fruit and milk chocolate, lychee, rose and raspberry, lemon meringue, salted caramel, cherry and pistachio… and Melba – the gourmet counter’s namesake.

AND they’re not ridiculously priced at all – a whole scrumptious éclair can be yours for £2.95.

Melba at The Savoy Eclairs

The counter at Melba at The Savoy

The counter at Melba at The Savoy

Melba Coffee Cup

The take-away drinks menu offers a signature blend of Melba Coffee, which laces a silky Musetti espresso and milk drink with peach syrup…

Melba at The Savoy

Melba was designed by Dolman Bowles whose past clientele include Fenwick Bond Street and Selfridges

Box of eclairs at Melba at The Savoy

This was my box of 6… (Gemma had the other box. Honest.)

There’s a lovely story behind the name as well; Melba at The Savoy is named in honour of two greats: in the late 1800s, The Savoy’s executive chef, Auguste Escoffier, was so enchanted by hotel guest Dame Nellie Melba after seeing her operatic performance at the Royal Opera House, that he created menu items in her name which have become cherished the world-over – Melba Toast, Peach Melba – yep, it’s all because of her and they were created at The Savoy…

The Savoy

The Savoy

The Savoy

I am certain that King Henry III had éclairs in mind back in 1246…

Topiary outside The Savoy

If you get lost for any reason, keep your eyes peeled for some subtle topiary, just outside Melba at The Savoy…

Melba at The Savoy

Melba at The Savoy box

The beautiful Melba boxes…

I would have stayed there all night, but I had to run home to take delivery of my new and exciting curved monitor! More on that very soon though…..

But next time you’re in town and you fancy a bit of a sweet treat, step away from the muffins, scoff at the cupcakes and whizz down to the Strand for one of these puppies – you will be ever, EVER so pleased you did.

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Melba at The Savoy
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