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100% Natural, 100% Luxury

ila spa products

The words ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ seem to get touted all over the place and one can never be sure exactly which bits of the product the label is referring to…

Rest assured that ila spa products are all made in the Cotswolds and are completely and utterly organic… In fact, they are ‘beyond organic’ as they believe in embracing the utmost ethical integrity. And what’s more, the products are super duper luxy too.

Taking its name from the sanskrit word for earth, ila’s luxurious range of natural skincare, candles, room fragrances and spa treatments is rapidly propelling the company to the top of the Britain’s “Beyond organic” brands list. Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman (and Poppy) are huge fans of ila and have found that extraordinary results can go hand in hand with the highest standards of natural and ethical integrity…  love it.

ila spa body cream

Body Cream for Vital Energy – Great for the summer this luxurious body cream is high in fatty acids and plant sterols, and is a non-greasy combination of argan oil, shea butter and vibrant essential oils offers effective all-over moisturisation with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits.

ila body cream

Ila use only the finest natural plant and mineral ingredients, wild-harvested in remote, untainted regions by artisan producers who value traditional, sustainable practices… Their Himalayan salt crystals hail from Kashmir and for their Argan oil they work directly with Nadia and the women of the ancient Berber tribe, traditionally the keepers of the sacred Argan forests in Morocco.

The clever people at ila search high and low for the very very bestest best ingredients, source them all ethically and then blend them all up in a barn in the heart of the stunning Cotswolds. Boom.

ila spa day cream

Day Cream for Glowing Radiance – penetrates easily into the skin bringing extraordinary hydration, softness, radiance and vitality with a subtle, lasting fragrance. Ideal for dry sun damaged skin as it contains damascene rose otto which regenerates skin cells and reverses ageing.

ila day cream

Denise Leicester, the founder of ila-spa, believes passionately in the ” ancient wisdom and purity of the earth” and this this shines through every single one of ila’s products and treatments. Ila seeks the highest levels of natural and ethical purity in every ingredient, every process and every blend.

ila body scrub

Body Scrub for Energising & Detoxifying – great for pre-tan exfoliation, for that perfect natural bronze skin (real or fake), this scrub wakes up skin and senses, boosts your energy field and immune system.

Denise has woven every fibre of the ila matrix. today, she relishes the company’s sustainable philosophy and transparent approach, and remains true to her belief “that it is only by uniting the utmost ethical integrity with the purest natural ingredients that we are able to create products with the power to reach beyond the physical to nourish emotional and spiritual wellbeing too.”

My bathroom has become my ila sanctuary and poor LM isn’t getting a look in at the moment. The products feel amazing, smell amazing and I feel as though I am feeding my body and soul goodness everytime I use them.

And on that note – the bathroom appears to be free… see you in a couple of hours…

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100% Natural, 100% Luxury

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