Spring it on its way to London!

Spring is on its way to London

See? Look! It’s true – Spring is most definitely on its way to London and I have been capturing elements of it as I travel about the city… there’s no bigger giveaway than beautiful flowers sprouting out of window boxes, blossom exploding out of trees and of course the sun peeking through the cracks in the clouds and landing on your face…. It’s a sign of warm  and colourful things to come and I wanted to share a few of them with you…

Blue houses in Notting Hill

Here’s the sun making an appearance in Notting Hill last week… he vanished for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but then reared his head again to create a beautiful sunset later that evening…

Pollocks Toy Museum

I snapped this glorious little toy museum while wandering the streets of Fitzrovia over the weekend…

Pink Flowers in Finsbury Park

Ding! Flowers in Finsbury Park! It’s a dead giveaway…

Yellow Fiat 500

The sun had just slipped behind the cloud, which made it far easier to take this picture.. and then moments later the sun reappeared and the yellow of the car gleamed as if it had just been painted…

Pink Blossom

Beautiful pink Cherry blossom in the heart of North London

Salmon Salad

I ate this delicious Spring salmon salad at Park Theatre in Finsbury Park on Sunday – I was there to watch ‘Kill Me Now’ and it was truly fantastic – do go if you can – it closes on the 31st March…

Red house in Notting Hill

Ding! Sunshine! Flowers! There’s just no getting away from it…

Blue house Notting Hill

And another amazing looking house in Notting Hill, sunbathing in the sunshine…

And finally…

Lemon Polenta Cake - Lantana, Charlotte Place

This is a heavenly Lemon Polenta Cake, devoured in Lantana on Charlotte Place on Saturday. It actually was slightly cooler in the afternoon, but the zing of the lemons and the sunshine meant that I could still feel Spring creeping around the corner… a little more slowly perhaps, but creeping nevertheless…

So there you have it – I believe that I have provided scientific evidence that Spring is most definitely out of the closet and on a tricycle somewhere, heading to wonderful London town.

Oh hip pip hurruh.

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(Have you had any London sunny sightings? I’d love to see!)


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  1. Hi Poppy! I love your blog- I have only just come across it. I was just wondering what format you used? Have a lovely Wednesday

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