I Love Anthropologie
(but not as much as I love my mum)


Hello! I’m back! I’m back from Costa Rica! It was such a magical and wonderful holiday and I look forward to telling you all about it over the coming days… and thank you for all your tweets, messages and comments while I was away – they were so lovely to receive and meant a great deal. Thank you!

Before I bore you with posts about sunsets, turquoise seas and snakes (yes, snakes) I wanted to get in quick with a post in time for Mother’s Day.. which I’m sure you know is THIS SUNDAY (it’s written in capital letters in my diary) in the hope that I might inspire you as much as I have been, by this beautiful homeware from Anthropologie, which reminds me so very much of my brilliant mum.

Anthropologie Homeware

The vintage-inspired curves and flora really sold this dessert plate to me – it’s gorgeous and wacky and I want to eat my cake off it!

Anthropologie Homeware

Mealtimes at home were always fun and I remember mum having some very brightly coloured, patterned crockery.. I think it was from France (she’s going to call me to tell me as soon as she reads this) so when I saw these beautiful pieces in Anthropologie, they immediately reminded me of those cosy times and I knew I had to have them.

Anthropologie Homeware

Natural Word Plate, Bee (Mum was the person who told me that bees were more afraid of me than I was of them. Revelation.)

Anthropologie Homeware


Anthropologie Homeware

A pack of six Terrace Trace Napkins cost £24 – I think this is excellent value for a set of large cotton-linen napkins! They’re so large they can almost double up as tea towels too..

Anthropologie Homeware

Anthropologie Homeware

Mum used to wipe our faces with a damp tea towel or jay cloth… I hated it! But I love the memory…

Both mum and I love homeware – we dribble over it. Bowls, dishes, spoons, plates, napkins.. butter knives ..(I LOVE butter knives. Ooh and butter dishes…) if we went into Anthropologie together, I doubt we’d ever leave…

Anthropologie Homeware

I love this Bibelot Pie Dish – perfect for an apple pie – one of mum’s best evers.

Anthropologie Homeware Anthropologie Homeware

Anthropologie Homeware

The other thing you should know about my mum is that she’s not very ordinary. In fact, she’s rather extraordinary. So very warm and smiley and kind.. and with just the right dollop of wackiness – enough to make life fun and fantastic and not so much that we needed to call in the men in white coats..

Me and my mum. Lucky, lucky me.

Me and my mum. Lucky, lucky me.

And example of this wonderful wackiness is when she crept into my room at night when I was a wee nipper, got me out of bed and danced with me in the garden in the Summer rain.

Now, I don’t know many mums who would do that.

Do you?

I love you mum – you’re the blimmin’ bees knees.


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2 thoughts on “I Love Anthropologie
(but not as much as I love my mum)

  1. I love the crockery! My mum told me about bees too, I’m not so scared of them as I used to be :) Your mum sounds lovely, I hope she has a wonderful mother’s day :)
    Miss Pond | UK Lifestyle Blog

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