– The Queensberry Hotel –
A Beautiful Boutique Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath Oh my. Have I got a secret to tell you. Although, it’s not really much of a secret as plenty of people already know about this boutique hotel… but STILL. I didn’t know and now I do know and I cannot and WILL NOT keep it to myself. It’s too good.

On New Year’s Day, full of wheezes and sneezes and headaches and coughs, LM and I boarded the train at Paddington and whisked ourselves off to Bath for a few days. We thought a little mini break in Bath would make for a lovely beginning to the year.. and we were not wrong. We actually had no idea how utterly right we were.

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

We jumped in a cab at Bath Station, and £7 later we arrived at The Queensberry Hotel, very tired and very heavy in ourselves. We’d both had grotty bugs and colds over Christmas and my hacking cough was still keeping us both up at night.

I arrived, clutching Benylin as though my life depended on it and could have kissed the girl who greeted us – she was so lovely and friendly and smiley and sweet.. and she picked up my suitcase and took us to our room. I nearly started crying right there and then. But I didn’t. But I nearly did again when she opened the door to our enormous room… it was absolutely stunning.

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

This boutique hotel has 29 rooms, including two junior suites and one four-poster bed room…

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

Beautiful period furniture sits grandly about the room…

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

Delicious chocolates were there to welcome us…

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

Floor to ceiling windows…

The Queensberry was originally commissioned as a residential home by its namesake, the 8th Marquess of Queensberry. Now, the hotel is spread across four beautiful Georgian terrace buildings right near the centre of the Bath World Heritage Site.. Helen and Laurence Beere, the brains and love behind the hotel, have ensured that there are gorgeous pieces of Georgian furniture in all the rooms, as well as modern flairs and touches.

Because the building is four old townhouses knocked into one, there is rather a maze of staircases, nooks, cosy spots and corridors.. which is all part of the fun of staying at The Queensberry – it’s quirky, but luxurious. A perfect combo.

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

I may have done a spot of shopping…

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath

I do love a good fluffy robe…

The Queensberry Hotel in Bath Bath is a city that is revered the world over. Millions of people visit year-on-year and find themselves seduced by the inimitable, sweeping terraces of pale-honey stone, the Roman Baths, the rolling countryside and the perfect mix of the historic and contemporary within this very unique city.. and The Queensberry Hotel has managed to achieve that very thing. History meets the present day, in the most beautiful way.

There are some lovely touches throughout the hotel, designed to make your stay as special as possible. Simple things, like having tea and coffee available whenever you want it in the large comfy lounge downstairs, next to a large roaring fireplace, make all the difference… and having one of the best restaurants in Bath is a bit of a bonus too…

The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath The-Olive-Tree-Bath

Head chef Chris Cleghorn (protégé of Heston Blumenthal, Gidleigh Park’s Michael Caines and Adam Simmonds) at The Olive Tree Restaurant, the only AA three-rosette restaurant in central Bath, uses the vast array of local produce, to create a stunning seasonal and frequently changing menu.

The meal was completely wonderful and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the restaurant in the morning as well…(Even though I was full, I actually went to bed looking forward to brekky…)

The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath The-Queensberry-Hotel-Bath-Olive-Tree-5   The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath Of course we couldn’t resist dessert..

The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath The Olive Tree Restaurant in Bath

Everything about The Queensberry, from the location (a stone’s throw from Royal Crescent and a few minute’s walk to all the shops and central sites) exquisite service and gorgeous rooms, to the food, the relaxing lounge and Q Bar (a beautiful and classic British bar, which serves up top notch drinks, premium whiskies and heavenly cocktails by staff who really know what they’re doing back there..) means that it was the perfect place for us to stay for our little getaway.

We strolled, we shopped, we met up with friends and family in cafes… we visited the Thermae Bath Spa and dined at another wonderful restaurant.. both of which I will be telling you about this week.

And by the time we left, we were pretty much healed. Cough gone, snivels vanished and far less sneezing.

There must be something in the water…

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The Queensberry Hotel
Russell Street,


LM and I were guests of The Queensberry. However, if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.


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11 thoughts on “– The Queensberry Hotel –
A Beautiful Boutique Hotel in Bath

  1. O lord this hotel looks beautiful. I love the history behind it. I haven’t been to Bath in what feels like a lifetime, it is such a wonderfully beautiful city I must make more time to visit again. x

  2. Wow, it looks so nice I love the period furniture and the food looks delicious! Glad you enjoyed the little getaway.


  3. Poor you being so ill over the holidays, but this looks like a fabulous place to recuperate! I love fluffy white gowns too, and that food looks divine! Whenever I’m in Bath for the day next, I’d love to check out the restaurant :) xx

  4. I’ve just discovered your lovely blog, and am enjoying having a browse. I’m loving your hotel reviews – I’ve always wanted to visit Bath, and this hotel looks stunning!! Thanks for the interesting reads xx

  5. Eeeeek I’m from bath but currently living in London for uni/moving to London this year permanently but it’s so nice to see a post about bath and how lovely it is :)

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