A Cosy Winter Supper at Daylesford


Daylesford has been a well loved haunt of mine for a good few years, so when they recently decided to open in the evenings for supper, I was first in line, spoon in hand and empty belly rumbling!

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with Daylesford, let me fill you in…

Daylesford is an organic farm in Gloucestershire and is one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. Everything you can eat in their farmshops and cafés, come straight to your plate from the farm itself, whether it’s from their market garden, bakery or creamery. They also work with a number of artisan suppliers who produce delicious yummies they can’t produce themselves on the farm.

They are so good at this, that they’ve received over 60 national and international awards over the last 3 years… so, yes. They really, REALLY know their stuff.

Daylesford Farmshop, Notting Hill

Daylesford Farmshop on Westbourne Grove

LM and I were having supper at the Westbourne Grove branch, (they have several branches listed here) so we did a little bit of food shopping while we waited for our table…

Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill

The farmshop is deliciously bright and airy, yet it manages to also be cosy. Clever Daylesford. We bought a few bits and pieces (I can never resist – even the packaging is heavenly and makes you feel as though you’re being a better person for having it in your life) and then went upstairs for supper and were greeted by this stunning interior design…

Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill

Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill

Even the glassware is gorgeous – Daylesford also stock a wide range of beautiful crockery, glassware and homeware… but view at your own risk! You will not leave empty handed…

Daylesford Farmshop - Notting Hill

Water laced with fresh cucumber

The water was delicious (I know that sounds ridiculous – but it was) and I have been putting cucumber in my water ever since. Both LM and I were feeling a bit under the weather (bit of an understatement – we’d both been suffering with evil Winter bugs) so we didn’t order any wine. However, the wine list looked wonderful and our waiter was very knowledgable – do ask their advice on what to drink if you go – they’ll be able to to suggest the perfect accompaniment.

Everything on the supper menu looked incredibly appetising, but I am a fast and decisive orderer. I’m unsure why. I wonder if it’s because if I didn’t make a decision fast in the school dinners queue when I was small, I’d be likely to end up with the pink lumpy custard.

Anyway, I have skills and it bodes well in these situations, otherwise we could have been there all night. No dawdling for me. No siree. I saw what I wanted and went for it. Bam.

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

My starter: Thick-cut Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon with creme fraiche and raisin pumpernickel

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

LM went for hand-carved Jabugo Iberico ham with rye bread and butter

And for our mains…

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

I chose cured shoulder of pork, beetroot, apple and fennel with smoked cider

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill


Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

And LM chose pappardelle of Wootton Estate venison with woodland mushrooms & Parmesan

The meal was absolutely delicious. Wonderful flavours, organic wonderfulness and joyfully fresh and fragrant. It’s at times like these when I am reminded, with total clarity and by the sheer gorgeousness of what I’m eating, why buying and eating organic is one of the most game-changing things you can do, when it comes to the enjoyment and quality of your food. It was divine.

We were completely full. So we ordered dessert.

Obviously. (Have you learnt nothing?)

Daylesford Organic - Westbourne Grove - Notting Hill

Chocolate nemesis, vanilla crème fraiche

We shared this decadent Chocolate Nemesis and had it been appropriate, I’d have slapped my thigh and whooped. By gum it was good.

We left the golden glow of Daylesford behind us as we walked back home, feeling warm and cared for and decided that we had just experienced the most perfect cosy Winter supper.

And after we’d congratulated ourselves on this, we tried to think of things that are yellow, beginning with every letter of the alphabet, because THAT’S how we roll.

Except we got stuck at A.

B, on the other hand, was really very easy.

Do go and visit Daylesford if you get the chance – it’s just a little bit heavenly…

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LM and I were guests of Daylesford. However, if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.


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7 thoughts on “A Cosy Winter Supper at Daylesford

  1. This all looks delicious! Whilst visiting my boyfriend’s dad in the cotswolds over Christmas we took a walk round the Bamford estate and round Daylesford farm, including a cheeky organic mince pie from the farm shop! We also came away with some of their organic cheese! So yummy x

  2. This looks like such a nice place, I din’t think there is anything like that near me, I would love to visit here if I get the chance. That Chocolate Nemesis looks amazing !!!!


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