City of Angels
at the Donmar Warehouse

City of Angels at The Donmar

Yesterday, I was a VERY lucky girl. I found myself at the Donmar Warehouse for a matinée (a MATINÉE! On a Wednesday!) of the critically acclaimed ‘City of Angels’ – the 80’s musical created by Cy Coleman (music) Larry Gilbert (writer – you’ll know him from M*A*S*H and Tootsie) and David Zippel (lyricist).

These three chaps sat down and created a bit of a Film Noir masterpiece – a show within a show, about a show.. and thank the lord that Josie Rourke, Artistic Director at the Donmar, grabbed it, devoured it and catapulted it up onto her stage with some of the most extraordinary talents I’ve ever seen in this here city. (London innit.)

This show has everything – struggling screenplay writer, Stone – a private detective, a missing rich girl, a murder (or two) and a femme fatale extraordinaire. There are no big dance numbers, no huge show tunes… and thank goodness. That would ruin what is one of the most immaculately structured and wonderful musicals I’ve ever seen.

Hadley Fraser as Stine - Tumblr

Hadley Fraser as Stine – Tumblr

Rosalie Craig as Gabby - The Times

Rosalie Craig as Gabby – The Times

Phenomenal performances were delivered by the entire cast, and when you’re faced with the likes of Samantha Barks, Rosalie Craig, Hadley Fraser,  Katherine Kelly, Tam Mutu, Peter Polycarpou and Rebecca Trehearn all in the same place.. and some with not super major roles, you know you’re going to be witnessing something very special.

The Angel City Four vocalists were also outstanding – they kick proceedings off and I felt my skin prickle with goosebumps. Which was my fool proof, indisputable indication that I already LOVED it.

City of Angels - Donmar Warehouse


City of Angels - Donmar Warehouse

Katherine Kelly as Alaura

City of Angels - Donmar Warehouse

Tam Mutu as Stone

I have a soft spot for musicals and I have seen many. Some excellent. Some, really quite terrible. But this one is up there. It’s at the top. It’s one that I’ll always remember and will recommend with total and utter confidence that everyone who sees it will love it. And therefore love me for recommending. And then maybe buy me dinner, or something.

In the 90’s, City of Angels won Tony awards in New York, Oliviers in the UK. It has now arrived smack bang in the heart of Covent Garden, thanks to the Donmar and its stellar team.

Which means, dear folk, you can go and see it! Now! Woot woot!

Here’s the link for bookings – BOOK HERE

Do let me know if you go or if you’ve already seen it – I’d love to know and hear what you thought!

Now I’m off to grab my umbrella and face the Great British January that’s beckoning outside… It may be gloomy, but I’ll be humming ‘You can Always Count on Me’ while I skip over the puddles…

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at the Donmar Warehouse

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