Christmas Tree Delivery
from Pines and Needles
(And a Special Christmas Code!)

Christmas Tree Delivery from Pines and Needles

On Friday, I had a very special delivery from Pines and Needles – the Christmas tree pixies, who make Christmas tree buying so easy peasy, you’ll think you’ve forgotten something…

Finding a tree that isn’t pink or plastic.. or singing… can be a bit of challenge. Then, once you’ve found the one you want, you need to trudge home in the cold and wet, dragging it behind you.. THEN you’ve got to get it up the stairs, through doors, around corners.. and all the while following its path with your vacuum, hoovering up all the fallen needles… Oh, and then you need to decorate it.

Oh Christmas joy! Pines and Needles will do all of this for you! Their range of trees include everything, from nondrip to potted, Nordmann fir to Norway spruce and they also stock all the twinkly bits and bobs you could hope for. Baubles, lights, holly and mistletoe.. and everything can be delivered to your door, assembled and then decorated, while you slob in your slippers guzzling Quality Street.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree

Two little Christmas elves from Pines and Needles…

I was so excited to receive my tree – the two very smily chaps above arrived on Friday morning with my tree, some sparkling Christmas lights and a lovely little mini tree too… Exciting!

I grabbed my bag full of gorgeous Anthropologie Christmas decorations, turned up my Christmas tunes to LOUD (chestnuts roastiiinnnggg…) and brewed a large pot of tea to accompany me on my decorating adventures… I dived into my bag of treasures, and did not emerge for a good couple of hours!

Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

Anthropologie Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

Anthropologie Christmas Decorations

Anthropoplogie Christmas decorations

Everyone needs a flying llama on the top of their Christmas Tree, surely?

Christmas Tree Delivery - Pines and Needles

Anthropologie Christmas Decorations

I love this gorgeous glass polar bear!

Christmas Tree Delivery - Pines and Needles

Christmas smooch… who needs mistletoe?

Anthropologie Christmas Decorations

Arctic Explorer Ornament in hand spun cotton…

Anthropologie Christmas Decorations Anthropologie Christmas Decorations

I loved covering the tree with all the unusual, quirky and colourful decorations… very soon the flat was feeling very festive indeed… and the tree was looking just wonderful…

Christmas Tree Delivery - Pines and Needles

Beautiful Christmas Tree and lights from Pines and Needles

Christmas Tree Delivery - Pines and Needles

A cosier spot I never did see… Cranbourne Wool Throw from Laura Ashley

Anthropologie Christmas Tree Decorations

The beautiful and bright colours of the decorations complements the green of the tree so well – reds and pinks with the deep greens and browns… lovely…

And very soon, it was my turn to relax on the sofa, bask in the warm glow of the twinkling lights, breathe in the heady smell of a real Christmas tree… and pick out what cake I was going to make the next day.. (and that’s a whole other story…!)

Christmas Tree Delivery - Pines and Needles

My favourite spot… in training to be a domestic goddess!

Pines and Needles made the entire delivery experience so effortless, complete with reminder texts, delivery tracking and super friendly delivery elves.

And more good news – they have given me a special code to pass onto you, which will entitle you to a FREE mini Christmas tree (just like the one my delivery elf was clutching in his hand) some holly and mistletoe with every purchase! Just enter POP14 at checkout to redeem your Christmassy goodies.

And the best bit? They’ll even collect the tree for recycling when Christmas is over.

But let’s not think about that right now…. *eats mince pie*


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Pines and Needles sent me this Christmas tree to review. And if I hadn’t loved it, I wouldn’t have written about it.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Delivery
from Pines and Needles
(And a Special Christmas Code!)

  1. Oh I love the flying llama!! Where did you get it? I have a good friend who studies llama caravans and it would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  2. I love the owl ornament!! A real tree always beats a fake one, we always used to get one but not anymore :(. I can’t wait till I have my own place to have one.

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