Anti Ageing Magic from The Body Shop

Body Shop Pomegranate Products - Christmas Advent

The Body Shop have created a rather sparkly and festive advent calendar, where I, along with 23 other bloggers are revealing a review of one The Body Shop’s most gorgeous products each day… and today.. it’s my turn!

The Body Shop sent me two products to try out and report back on – Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser and Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll-On. Neither product had I used before… and both I would buy again.

And here’s why.

Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll-On - Body Shop

Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll-On – £14

Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll-On - Body Shop

The Body Shop recommend that you use this product morning and evening – which I did for a few days. I have been burning the candles at both ends recently, so have been looking more and more sleepy and tired with each passing day. It’s really not a good look… especially when I’m trying to be bouncy and bright eyed and bushy tailed for various meetings and events… No one likes a knackered Poppy.

This product really came to the rescue, which, if I’m honest, I was not expecting. The moisturising was very light, which it needs to be for the delicate skin around the eye. It was also refreshing and cool to apply. It hydrated the skin, so the morning after I started using it my skin seemed to be brighter and firmer… and on closer inspection, the skin was smoother too…

So I carried on using it for a few days and now it’s just part of my everyday routine.

The Body Shop - Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll On

Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser - The Body Shop

Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser

This cleanser, first and foremost smells delicious. But don’t eat it. That would be bad.

Initially I used it mostly to take off my make up (I only needed two cotton wool balls) and immediately my skin felt so good! Like advert good – when models become really annoying by saying how good their skin feels… that’s me. It felt that good. SO then I started using it even when I hadn’t been wearing make up… just to remove the grit and grime of the day and enjoy the feeling of my skin feeling refreshed, firmer and smoother..

Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser

The whole Pomegranate range from The Body Shop has been designed to address the signs of getting older – wrinkles and wotnot. (But sadly it won’t be able to help you remember why you walked into a room or what you were looking for. Or what your name is.)

I am definitely NOT a teen, nor am I in my twenties… so being in my 30’s means that this range is perfect for me. I don’t have deep wrinkles, but I do have tiddly ones… I rather like them, but being on top of my skin care has definitely been bumped up in my priority charts over the last couple of years.

These two products are now firm staples in my beauty regime.

Do you have a hero product? And will it help me remember where I put my umbrella?


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