Ping Pong get ready for the brrrrr

Ping Pong Winter Menu

Last week I dug out my coat. Winter is definitely on its way… I was cold, I HAD a cold, I was hungry, so I grabbed Gem and bundled her into her car and she drove us (see what I did there?) down to Ping Pong on Westbourne Grove.

Ping Pong have recently launched their new Winter menu, complete with new dumplings; monkfish and lime, chicken and garlic and beef fillet, three new wonton style soups and a whole range of seasonal cocktails, created by Ping Pong’s head mixologist Daniele Ziaco. The new Winter Berry Blazer is made with fresh seasonal berries, martell vs cognac, absinth, cassis liqueur and partnered with strawberry tea!


Ping Pong is celebrating their partnership with the British Museum for the ‘The BP exhibition Ming 50 years that changed China’ this Autumn (Have you been?) To celebrate this collaboration, head mixologist Daniele has also created the ‘Forbidden Martini’, a delicious cocktail inspired by the exhibition…. I would have loved to try it, but in my coldy sniffy glazed eyes state, I thought that  steering clear of alcohol was probably a good plan.. so a warming jasmine tea was ordered instead.. and it was delicious..


Jasmine tea at Ping Pong



Gemma also ordered a passion fruit lemonade..


We sipped our drinks and made our foodie selection…  tick, tick, tick…ooooh, tick..


And then the delicious food started to arrive… I was feeling better already…

Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-4 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-4



Ping Pong have also listened to the cries of their customers and have reinstated some old favourites back on the menu, including Soft Shell Crab, Baked Ginger Cake and lobster dumpling. Ping Pong will make a donation to Action Against Hunger with every lobster dumpling dish ordered, so definitely pop it on your wish list when you’re next there…

Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping-Pong-Winter-Menu-12 Ping Pong Winter Menu

And then… it was time for dessert. We shared a chocolate coulant and it was oozy and gooey and chocolatey and delicious… I felt so much better after my dim sum supper, but was super sleepy.

I always get very tired when my body is fighting something – so I jumped under the covers as soon as I got home…and was snoring approximately 3 minutes later.


I woke up the next day bright and breezy and healed!

Ping Pong beats paracetamol hands down, apparently ;)

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Gem and I were guests of Ping Pong

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