My Cosy Christmas Wishlist

Pic from the

Pic from the

I love being cosy. And I love Christmas. SO being cosy and Christmassy simultaneously is a total dream come true for me. Throw in a mince pie, a squishy sofa and a blanket and I won’t know what to do with myself…

I’ve spent the last few days drooling over all the beautiful bits and pieces on the Boden website (where there is currently 30% off!) and I have finally managed to narrow down my ultimate Christmas Cosy Wishlist to the above seven items.

And yes, I know that I have picked out two hats.

And if you have a problem with that (or if you don’t have a deep understanding of the healing powers of cake) then I’m afraid we cannot be friends.

Here are the items I’ve picked out.. fingers crossed I’ll find them in my stocking!



Let’s all be cosy this Christmas!



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11 thoughts on “My Cosy Christmas Wishlist

  1. That is a cosy list indeed. I haven’t even started thinking about what I may want. Mostly because I am not sure I really want anything this year :)

  2. Love them all! Clicked on the hot water bottle and it’s not available so I’m guessing they’ve had a rush on them, not surprising!
    The Danish have a word ‘hygge’ which doesn’t have a direct English translation but roughly means the cosy feeling you get from blankets, hot chocolate and roaring fires. LOVE hygge!

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