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Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

I know diddlysquat about whiskey. And I suspect many of you are the same as me, but I bet you know someone who really loves it. Someone who can talk for hours about hints, tones, and notes…bonds and  batches and barrels… (don’t worry, I looked it up.)

Dad’s, Uncles and other chaps can be notoriously tricky to buy for at Christmas, so here’s my twopenny’s worth.

I actually quite like whiskey. Not in a Baileys party wahooo kind of way… but in a cosy socks, roaring fire, Christmas afternoon, not moving from this sofa ever kind of way….

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Trying to buy whiskey for someone when you know nothing about it is a bit of a minefield – there are so many different makes and the difference between the prices is nothing short of dramatic…

So to cut through all the noise, I want to take a minute to tell you about this little number that I very recently discovered – Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey. And before I tasted it, I already loved the name… and I LOVED the bottle! It’s a gorgeous looking half size bottle, very dinky, will fit in a stocking and also means you don’t have to spend over £100 on a full size bottle….

I took the whiskey to LM’s family for us all to try – I thought we’d get it out after dinner, but as soon as they spied the bottle there was no stopping the man of the house in getting it open!

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon

Hudson Baby Bourbon is crafted at Tuthilltown Gristmill. Previously a mill with a 240 year history, (which until recently was still used to produce kosher matzo flour for several Hasidic communities in Brooklyn) Tuthilltown is now a whiskey distillery and the first built in New York since Prohibition. So the whiskey in my bottle was some of the first legal pot-distilled whiskey made since that time. Love that.


It took six months of experimenting at Tuthilltown before Hudson Baby Bourbon was born – the single grain bourbon is made from 100% New York corn, matured in special, small American oak barrels and poured into handmade bottles, which are then corked, waxed, labelled and boxed. Which I also love. There is a real artisan feel to the whole product.. it feels special and cared for.

We all tasted this award winning whiskey (it won the gold medal at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition) and were genuinely surprised at the kick it had! It’s described as being smoky, with subtle notes (love whiskey lingo) of vanilla and caramel… and I found it spicy too…

Hudson Baby Bourbon Hudson Baby Bourbon

This whiskey is only recently available in the UK and if you’d like to get your mitts on a bottle, you can pick one up at Selfridges here.

It’s four weeks until Christmas folks! And if this baby makes your Christmas tipple cut, please let me know – I’d love to know what you think!


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Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey



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Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

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