Vintage tiles, crunchy Autumn
leaves and avocado on toast
– My week in pictures –

Avocado on toast at Golborne Deli Well hello there Autumn.  You appear to have finally graced us with your presence… by tipping down with rain and blowing my hair into all kinds of spectacular shapes. Thank you.

Last week seemed to really be the last few days of sunny Summer, so I tried to make the most of it, by sitting outside as much as I could, feeling the sun on my face and pretending I was on a Greek Island.

The picture above is of my breakfast – avocado on toast – which I gobbled with gusto at Golborne Deli on Saturday morning.  After a long week, we grabbed the papers, ordered oodles of coffee and didn’t move until we’d devoured the supplements from cover to cover.. and of course, our brekky too.

Mural on Golborne Road

Mural on Golborne Road

On the way back home I snapped this mural… or tiled piece of wall art, on Golborne Road. I love that beautiful and unusual artwork can just appear around a corner, with no rhyme or reason… just because.

Restored vintage tiles on Golborne Road

Restored vintage tiles on Golborne Road

… and then just around another corner were all these beautiful restored tiles. I love the big Edwardian and Victorian London houses, which have these kinds of tiles in the porches and halls…

Brightly lit bridge in Bermondsey

Brightly lit bridge in Bermondsey

During the week I went to a wonderful and exciting KLM event at The Garrison Public House in Bermondsey, where I ate so much delicious cheese I felt I needed to run about afterwards to work it all off. But as I was in heels and carrying a laptop, a camera and a massive bunch of bananas (nothing to do with KLM) a walk had to suffice.

I strolled back to London Bridge Station and my walk took me under this bridge. Which reminded me a bit of a scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary… but then again, everything reminds me of Bridget Jones’ Diary. (Blue soup?)

Bar in Bermondsey

Outside bar in Bermondsey

I also walked past this bar, full of people laughing, jazz playing and glasses clinking. Everyone in this bar was really HAPPY. Massive smily people. (Massive smiles, I mean. Not massive people. They hadn’t eaten ALL THE CHEESE.)

I’m afraid I couldn’t see a name anywhere, but I was somewhere along Bermondsey Street… it won’t be hard to find…

A gorgeous package from Rachel's Organic

A gorgeous package from Rachel’s Organic…

The next day I was the lucky recipient of this delightful care package from Rachel’s Organic. Full to the brim with luxury pampering treats, and some of there new divine chocolate and vanilla pots to try too…

This week is going to be manic, so I am looking forward to a leisurely bath on Friday night, where I shall fill it to the brim with bubbles, sip whatever is in the Alice in Wonderland ‘Drink Me’ bottle and guzzle chocolate pot. Or two…. I shall report back.

It's a clue! Autumn is here... (or at least, on its way...)

It’s a clue! Autumn is here… (or at least, on its way…)

Here comes Autumn! There’s a definite crunch in my step…

On my way to the Peacock Theatre...

On my way to the Peacock Theatre…

This picture was taken en route to The Peacock Theatre, where I was lucky enough to catch one of the final performances of The 7 Fingers‘  ‘Séquence 8’ – another outstanding Sadler’s Wells production.

I went with my auntie and we both sat there with our chins on the ground – it was so brilliant. And terrifying. Séquence 8 features eight AMAZING performers who mix high flying acrobatics, explosive circus skills, dance, drama and wry sense of humour, to create a breathtaking, playful and exhilarating circus experience like no other I have ever seen.

“Cool and sexy… This is a show that sets the benchmark for modern circus eye-poppingly high” -EVENING STANDARD

Taxi on Oxford Street


I was legging it down Oxford Street the following day and contemplated hailing this amazing contraption.

But then I didn’t.

Maybe next time… (or maybe not…)

My beautiful new suitcase from Steamline Luggage

My beautiful new suitcase from Steamline Luggage

And then finally, my week had the perfect ending with this gorgeous suitcase being delivered from Steamline Luggage. This model is the Correspondent Carry On in orange.. but do have a look at their site as it comes in a wealth of other gorgeous hues. I really struggled trying to pick my favourite.

If you’re in the market for a new suitcase, I have a snazzy little code for you which will knock 10% off the price! Just use POPPY10 at checkout and do a little dance.

I can’t wait to take it with me on my Surrey jaunt this weekend….

As always, thank you for coming along with me on my Instagram journey and look forward to sharing more adventures with you this week!

Right now, it’s time for a coffee… my eyelids and legs are a bit heavy today (I blame the MEAN MAN who ran the Legs, Bums and Tums class I did on Saturday) and the week has only just begun….!


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10 thoughts on “Vintage tiles, crunchy Autumn
leaves and avocado on toast
– My week in pictures –

  1. That avacado on toast looks yummy! I always wonder what to do with avacado so maybe I will give this a go next time I see it in the shop!
    You will have to let us know what is in the Drink Me bottle. That is super cute but also really mysterious so I am really curious as to whats in it!

    Emma |

  2. Playing catch up ( I subscribe under another email address) and spookily had avocado on toast for breakfast! I don’t know if you have tried the chocolate Rachel’s dessert yet, but it’s a stunner! I left a big well done post on their Facebook, I love that it’s not sickly sweet and tastes mellow. Lastly, I would love to see those tiles for myself, they are beautiful ;) xx

  3. You take such beautiful picture, where you live seams so lovely, I think you put London. I live near London but where I live isn’t as pretty as this! -x-

    1. Thank you so much Michaella – I do have some help from Instagram ;) But yes, London is a very beautiful place to live. I feel very lucky x

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