Sophie Conran’s Kitchen,
Raw Pizza and Living in Clover…
– My Week in Pictures –

Orange juice and kale juice at Daylesford Organic Westbourne Grove

How is it Monday again? I feel as though the past week flew by in a jumbo jet. On turbo speed. And in a hurry to eat its dinner.

My week was packed with all kinds of fun and unexpected things, but I’ve done my best to snap as many of them as possible.. so here is my photo diary of last week. All captured on my iPhone and made to look even more gorgeous than they are in real life, thanks to the super powers of Instagram. (Can one Instagram one’s life? One’s piles of washing up? I’m going to give it a go.)

Above is a picture of two fresh juices, consumed with relish at Daylesford Organic. One was an orange juice (guess which one) and the other was their ‘b balanced 6’ juice – a combo of green apples, cucumber, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, parsley, celery, lemon & ginger. It was delicious!

Boris Bikes on Westbourne Grove

Boris Bikes on Westbourne Grove

I stepped outside Daylesford and saw this lovely line of blue Boris Bikes lining the curb of Westbourne Grove. Even though the sun is shining in London still and the air is warm, the imminent arrival of Autumn is rather given away in this picture…makes me want to wrap up in a cosy scarf, drink hot chocolate and be in some kind of Richard Curtis movie. Which involves lots of sitting in cafes. And people falling in love. And bookshops.

Pups in Notting Hill

Across the road, sitting outside Oxfam were these little chaps! Gawd, they’re delicious.


The back yard at L’Epicerie, Portobello Road

The following day, I took my laptop and all my work down to L’Epicerie on Portobello Road. I LOVE this cafe. Very French, very fun, big tables, excellent coffee and cakes and so much wonderful energy from Jimmy, the owner. He bakes everything, chats to everyone and sings along to the French radio.  He’s made a total success of this fantastic cafe and I suggest you all head down there and order everything you can see.

In Clover Magazine - 1st Issue

I arrived home a lovely surprise – the first ever edition of In Clover magazine has finally been published and I have got my hands on a copy! In Clover was the brain child of Bryony, a very down trodden fashion journalism student who loved writing but decided fashion was not her calling in life. With a love of print and adamant that magazines still had a place in this world she decided to create her own…. In Clover promotes offline pursuits and slow living in the form of art, food, culture and sustainable fashion.

Raw Pizza at Nama on Talbot Road, Notting Hill

I had lunch with Cristina at Nama on Tuesday – a raw food restaurant on Talbot Road. I have never been to a raw food cafe or restaurant, so was a little dubious… but I have to say, very, very honestly, that it was utterly delicious.

This picture is of their version of pizza; courgette and walnut base, pomodoro pepper, nut and seed ‘cheese’, caramelised onions, marinated mushrooms, olives and sundries tomatoes.

I will definitely be going back…


A Most Wanted Man at The Gate Cinema, Notting Hill

That evening I went with LM to see A Most Wanted Man at The Gate cinema in Notting Hill. I thought it was excellent – I was so sad to hear about Philip Seymour Hoffman passing away, so to be able to see his final performance felt like a real privilege.. and at one of my favourite cinemas too.

Poppy Loves Book Club

Poppy Loves Book Club – Notting Hill group at Book and Kitchen

The next evening was Book Club, where we discussed September’s book – Vulgar Things, by Lee Rourke – and also where I announced the next book for this month – Man at The Helm by Nina Stibbe.


Man at The Helm, Nina Stibbe – October’s book for Poppy Loves Book Club

The book has already had me laugh out loud twice on the underground – if you’d like to get involved and read a long with hundreds of other women around the world, then pop over here to find out more!

Plums from Golborne Market

Plums from Golborne Market

I bought a rather large number of plums from the market on Golborne Road. Ten, to be precise. I had eaten 5 by the time I got home… so I distracted myself with my copy of Kinfolk to stop me from eating the rest. It sort of worked. (It totally didn’t work.)

Marble Arch Station - en route to the Nordic Bakery on Dorset Street

Marble Arch Station – en route to the Nordic Bakery on Dorset Street

That evening I hopped on a bus to the Nordic Bakery, where they were having a cinnamon bun tasting session, in preparation for Cinnamon Bun Day (yes, there is such a thing) on the 4th October.


Nordic Bakery, Dorset Street

The cinnamon bun tasting was a joy. I had a lovely chat with the super clever Miisa Mink (co-owner) and got to sample five different cinnamon buns, all unbelievably delicious, warm and toasty and straight from the Nordic Bakery ovens.. They’ve created a unique flavour for every day of this week, leading up to Saturday 4th October.

I may have dribbled all over them.. (in case anyone reading this was there, I didn’t really dribble on them.) (Mum – I totally dribbled – don’t tell anyone.)

Sophie Conran's Kitchen for her Macmillan Coffee Morning

Sophie Conran’s kitchen…

You may have already read this on my blog, but on Friday I found myself in Sophie Conran’s kitchen, (IT’S GLORIOUSLY PINK) eating cake, chatting to lovely women and raising money for Macmillan. You can read all about the gorgeous (and she really is gorgeous) Sophie Conran’s coffee morning here.

So all in all, my week was a bit of a whirlwind. Please do join me on my Instagrammic (?) adventures and in the meantime, have a wonderful week, dig out your prettiest umbrellas and let’s welcome Autumn in style.

Love, as always,


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3 thoughts on “Sophie Conran’s Kitchen,
Raw Pizza and Living in Clover…
– My Week in Pictures –

  1. I was just thinking (can’t believe I dared to think it) what life would be like without instagram ?? Maybe more peaceful, but certainly a lack in “anything instagram worthy” moments !!

    I’ve yet to make it to Daylesford but I recently (last week) visited Le PAin Quotidien for the first time – utterly utterly delicious food, definitely recommend.

    Also re: meet up, i am next down November 5/6th so maybe closer to the time let’s see if we can grab a drinky !! xx

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