National Trust London are on the
hunt for their 13th property…
(It could be yours! Woot!)


Whenever I hear the words ‘National Trust’, I have a flash of cosiness. It conjures up family days out, getting lost, Victoria Sponge, Getting Out Into The Countryside and nosing around stately homes…I also nearly always seem to end up wearing a cagoule, whenever I’m on a National Trust jaunt. But p’raps that’s just England.

National Trust London is all about London – its people, its history, its atmosphere and its spirit, which are all reflected in their 12 remarkable properties in London, and word on the street is that they’re looking for their 13th…and (drumroll…) it could be yours.

National Trust London is interested in how Londoners live RIGHT NOW. They want to understand the nitty gritty of London living, including the ways we exploit and design our living spaces.

#NTHouseproud is a social media experiment that captures and celebrates a unique moment in history—this one. Right now. NOW.

Our homes are part of our modern heritage. The ways we arrange these spaces reflect our personalities, our style and our pleasures, and with space at a premium in the capital, Londoners often demonstrate brilliant creative ingenuity to make their homes unique.

This latest project, a concept created in partnership with the Royal College of Art, aims to engage the population of the capital in a major social media experiment exploring how Londoners live now. National Trust London are searching for their next pop-up property – the home of a modern Londoner. (Me, me, ME!)

Old or new, large or small, from shared houses and Georgian terraces to canal boats and high-rise flats, all London homes are eligible to be considered for the title of National Trust’s 13th London Property. Woot!

#NTHouseproud, which is also part of the London Design Festival, invites city dwellers (within a London borough) to submit photos of their home interiors which will be judged for one of four prizes of £1,000 (each) in MADE.COM vouchers. A Grand Prize Winner, chosen from the four, will receive an additional £1,000 voucher and see their home named as National Trust’s 13th London Property! (Citing, no?)

The winning home will receive the full National Trust treatment and be opened to the public for a weekend in November 2014. (WE’RE ALL GOING TO COME AND VISIT!) National Trust London will research the home and present their findings in a printed guide, while in-house stewards and a tea and cake van will provide an authentic National Trust feel. Love it.

How do I enter?

Photographs can be submitted via direct upload to (where there is also lots more information on rules and entry requirements) or by posting to Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #NTHouseproud.

All #NTHouseproud photo submissions will be digitally archived (thank you very much to The British Library) as a permanent historical record of how Londoners lived in 2014, meaning we all have an amazing opportunity to make social and design history…simply by submitting a photo of how we live.

What a thing.


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The National Trust currently has 12 properties in London: Ham House, Osterley Park and House, Morden Hall Park, Fenton House, 2 Willow Road, Carlyle’s House, Red House, Rainham Hall, Sutton House, Eastbury Manor House and 575 Wandsworth Road plus a working pub The George Inn.


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hunt for their 13th property…
(It could be yours! Woot!)

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