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Miranda Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-8 I don’t know about you, but I have had more pairs of sunglasses than I think one person should probably own in their life. I lose them, I sit on them, I leave them on buses and in loos and in bottoms of bags stuffed at the back of my wardrobe… and the reason is this; I have never loved my sunglasses.

I’ve always bought fairly cheapy ones on the high street, which cost about £12.99. They are never great quality, so I don’t care for them like I would a pair of shoes… I am also never that sad when they’re gone.

The concept of buying an investment pair of sunglasses is something Ive toyed with over the years, but have never actually done, so I was thrilled when www.smartbuyglasses.co.uk got in touch and offered me the chance to review a pair from their beautiful (and extensive!) range.


The Tom Ford chocolate brown velvet sunglasses case

Tom-Ford-Miranda Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-1


Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-10 Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-3


I have never seen so many exceptionally beautiful pairs of sunglasses from so many brands on one website –  Roberto Cavalli and Ray-Ban, Vera Wang and Versace, Diesel and Dolce & Gabbana…  I made a cup of tea, popped on Ana Silvera and settled back on my sofa to spend a few luxurious hours (it was a Sunday – forgive me) choosing my ultimate sunnies.

I finally settled on these beautiful Miranda Oversized Soft Square Sunglasses, by Tom Ford, in the shiny rose gold colour and with brown gradient lenses.

Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-2 Tom-Ford-Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-5


They come with a free lens kit, which includes lens cleaning solution, a micro fibre cloth and this mini screwdriver, for keeping the screws nice and tight.

Tom-Ford-Miranda Sunglasses-Poppy-Loves-Lifestyle-Blog-2




They are also available in Shiny Dark Bronze and Shiny Gun Metal

I received them a couple of weeks ago and have loved how they transform me into sleek, put-together-not-in-any-way-frazzled-and-totally-on-top-of-her-work Poppy, no matter what I’m wearing, what my hair’s doing, (someone have a word with it please) or how I’m feeling.

They’re like magical sunglasses. AND, I am looking after them in a completely different way… they’re precious. (And they most certainly did not cost £12.99.)

I heart them.

And if I leave them on the Number 328, I will chase that bus until my legs fall off.


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Tom Ford Miranda Sunglasses – £299.95

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3 thoughts on “– Eye Candy –
Miranda Sunglasses by Tom Ford

  1. Beautiful choice. I have a massive love for sunglasses despite the fact I can rarely actually wear them. The utter joys of being practically blind.


  2. the fact that they come with those extras (especially the screw thingy) is such a brilliant idea !!

    I’m forever constantly popping into opticians to had the screws on my specs & sunnies tightened.

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