Pimm’s, Rain and David Beckham…
It must be Wimbledon
(& win an official Wimbledon 2014 towel!)

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I have never been to Wimbledon. Never ever. I’m the one on the sofa, yelling at the telly, thinking WHY DIDN’T I GO TO WIMBLEDON?

But this all changed on Saturday, when the gorgeous people at Christy, an official Wimbledon sponsor and partner (and who supply all of the towels for the whole tournament – read on to see how you can win one!) scooped up me, Jeska from Lobster and Swan, Torie Jayne and Gemma Tomlinson and whisked us Wombles off to Wimbles.. and what a very VERY exciting day it turned out to be…


Wimbledon Wimbledon Wimbledon

You may not remember, but last Saturday was a total wash out in London. We were all there in our strawberries and Pimm’s inspired Summer dresses and hiding from the torrential rain under umbrellas by Southfields Station.. keeping our eyes peeled for canoes.. but luckily for us, when we got to Wimbledon, we were on Centre Court with a lovely rainproof roof to shield us from the thunderstorms. Hip pip!

First things, first – no one told me that David Beckham would be there?! (In fairness, I doubt anyone had told him that I would be there either. Evens Stevens) Well he was, along with members of the British Armed Forces and a host of other sporting stars..  can you spot Mummy Murray too?




We saw three matches – Nadal/Kukushkin, Sharapova/Riske and Federer/Giraldo – you can see the scores below..

Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream were flying, Pimm’s was flowing, (but sadly not for me as I’d only had my wisdom tooth out on the previous Monday and I was on boring antibiotics. Hmph) and we ooooohed and aaaaaahed our way through all the matches…


Wimbledon Wimbledon Wimbledon


I had an absolute ball and really felt like I’d witnessed a little slice of history. A huge thanks to the sweet, kind, thoughtful and hilarious (Honey – you need your own show) girls from Christy for the completely wonderful day.. and also to the three other bloggers, who were gorgeously delightful rays of sunshine and made me giggle all day long.

I do so love you Wimbles. You make me all giddy. (Although, that may have been the antibiotics.)

Until next year!






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21 thoughts on “Pimm’s, Rain and David Beckham…
It must be Wimbledon
(& win an official Wimbledon 2014 towel!)

  1. OMG I’m so jealous- Wimbledon is AMAZING. I keep meaning to sort out tickets but always forget to enter the ballot and never get round to queuing… Maybe next year eh?!

  2. How lucky are you! Love your pictures. I have never been but would love to one day. I would be constantly star spotting in the crowd.
    (following on Bloglovin – happyhomebird)

  3. I’m still the one on the sofa yelling ‘Why am I not there?” Must get tickets next year! ;)

  4. HOW AMAZING !!!

    I can’t decide what I am most envious about
    1. Going to ol’ wimbledon
    2. Seeing Becks in *the* blazer (such a good look on him)
    3. Seeing Nadal play
    4. Seeing old Rog. F play (I love him)

    – There are quite a few things I am envious of actually … But at least I could enjoy reading it here!

  5. I count down the days to Wimbledon each year and watch it religiously, and yet have never actually been in person. Perhaps next year will be my year! You saw some incredible matches that day!

  6. You are SO lucky Poppy- to finally get to go to Wimbledon– I have Always wanted to go, too…… One day- i will be whisked away as well!!! until then- Thanks for the Official towel opportunity! xo

  7. Lovely post. What a fab day out – I’m so jel. And thanks for the giveaway! I already follow you on Bloglovin’ and would love to win the towel :) x

  8. I’m SO JEALOUS! I was hoping to go this week but it seems that this year it’s not to be! It looks like you had a wonderful time despite the British weather. Looks like I need to befriend some of these lovely people from Christy ;)

  9. Looks fab – I have never been to Wimbledon but hope to get there some day!!

    Following on bloglovin: katrinao

  10. Going to Wimbledon looks SO much more fun than watching at home… even if the Pimm’s is flowing!

  11. What an amazing experience, especially as you got to see 2 of the greats! I know that I want to go next year, so much so I would even be willing to camp out.

    I would give the towel to my friend who did just that in her dedication to tennis.

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