‘The Cut Flower Patch’
by Louise Curley

The Cut Flower Patch I have a lovely new book to share with you all – ‘The Cut Flower Patch‘ by Louise Curley is now one of the prettiest books on my bookshelf and is also my new bible. The Cut Flower Patch The Cut Flower Patch

Louise Curley, as many of you may already know, is a green fingered wizard. She is a trained horticulturist and writes for the Guardian, Grow your Own, The Simple Things and Gardens Illustrated Magazine – columns and articles packed with oodles of tips and tricks that only a gardening guru would know. She also has a well loved blog called Wellywoman, which keeps her busy when she’s not skipping about in the garden.

The Cut Flower Patch

Sowing and planting calendar

From the off, the book lets us know that having a cut flower patch is the most economical and eco-friendly way to enjoy cut flowers, and that even if you have the weeniest of spaces (me!) you can grow flowers and plants to give you gorgeous blooms throughout the year.

As you already know, I love cut flowers. However I haven’t a clue when it comes to gardening… but I love getting muddy (it seems to happen a lot) and I want to learn, so this book is perfect for me.

The chapters are as follows:

Planning a cutting patch
Annuals & biennials
Bulbs, corms & tubers
Foliage & fillers
Making your cutting patch
Caring for your patch
Cutting time
Showing off
Rich pickings
A year on the patch

In the very first chapter, ‘Planning a Cutting Patch’ there are some beautifully illustrated pages, which lay everything out simply and clearly…

The Cut Flower Patch

Planning a cutting patch

The Cut Flower Patch (I really like the word patch) also includes techniques on how to grow more than 35 different cut flowers.. including Snapdragons, Sweet William (I LOVE this flower) Zinnia, Cornflower, Tulips and Sweet pea… (Lathyrus odoratus. Apparently.) The Cut Flower Patch

I also love the ‘Showing Off’ chapter – I can’t wait to make things look pretty (I am always icing cakes too quickly as I just can’t wait… then feel sad when I look at my dribbly melty mess…) as Louise shows us tips on arranging, how to select a vase and there are some gorgeous photos for inspiration…

The Cut Flower Patch The Cut Flower Patch The Cut Flower Patch

Louise’s first book, published by Francis Lincoln, hits the mark on so many levels. It’s photographed beautifully by Jason Ingram, it’s stacked with brilliant advice and it’s not at all preachy or smug (which can really put me off a gardening book, when I’m already feeling useless.)  Instead, Louise just takes you by the hand and leads you through the joyful process of creating and enjoying your very own cut flower patch.

It’s bloomin’ marvellous.



The Cut Flower Patch
Louise Curley
Photography: Jason Curley



I have a copy of this delicious book to giveaway. Just enter below, pop your wellies on and keep your fingers crossed.. good luck!

The Cut Flower Patch

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by Louise Curley

  1. I just discovered your blog and I have to say, I’m completely enamoured with it! Love this post, might actually have to purchase this book, looks fab! x

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