Theatre: The Bodyguard

So yes, I’ll admit it. I was dubious. Really dubious. I thought I’d be entering a sea of hen parties and Beverley Knight adorers with a few Whitney Houston die-hard fans thrown in for good measure… oh and an over-done story about a bodyguard happening in the background…

But I was WRONG. (I really want to put that quote from Dirty Dancing in now, when Baby’s dad says, ‘”When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong” and then everyone cries. But I won’t.)

The Bodyguard was brilliant. 

I know you all know the story, (famous singer, hunky bodyguard, fall in love, try not to get killed etc)  so you already know the main bit.. but what you probably don’t know is that the Adelphi Theatre has become home to a hugely inventive production, with stacks of momentum, unbelievably fantastic staging (I gasped when we were transported to The Oscars) and a very exciting, living and breathing experience.. 

And that’s all before you add the very talented company, the technical wizardry, the stunning ‘pop’ choreography, costumes and all the phenomenal Whitney Houston songs.. “AND IIIIII EEEE IIIIII will always love YOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO” 

Pic from

I had goosebumps through nearly everyone of Beverley Knight’s songs –  she was terrific. Pitch perfect, (P E R F E C T) she had a gorgeous demeanour, gave a sweet and vulnerable performance and had an amazing presence on stage. I was completely impressed. Those Whitney songs are not a walk in the park, you know.. and Beverley is clearly the real deal.

Tristan Gemmill, Debbie Kurup and Michael Rouse were also all super duper – they all lit up the stage and performed their socks off.. and the little man who played the son was fantastic and a huge hit with the audience; whoever directed the kiddiewinks is a very clever (and no doubt, patient) genius.

I also happened to go on the night when the company were celebrating their first birthday – The Bodyguard musical is officially 1. Debbie Kurup gave a lovely little speech… and then they wheeled out a massive cake. (Happy Poppy) Then the cake was taken away again. (Sad Poppy.) But, then there was much frivolity and jumping about. (Happy Poppy again.)

Pic by Dan Wooler/

I left feeling as though I’d been at a massive party – we were all dancing in the aisles at the end (which may sound like a cringeworthy nightmare to some of you, but I challenge you to not leap to your feet..) and I had an overwhelming desire to rush up to everyone on stage and say ‘well done!’ (I didn’t.)

So there you have it. The story is great, the music, sound, staging, costumes, choreography and lighting is great, the COMPANY is great. My ice cream in the interval was great.

It’s great.



The Bodyguard
Adelphi Theatre, Strand, London, WC2

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4 thoughts on “Theatre: The Bodyguard

  1. I am with you- I am (was?) very dubious… I went to see Dirty Dancing in the West End and thought it was very hokey… I might look into tickets for The Bodyguard now!

  2. I saw the Bodyguard last year and loved it (I’ve never seen the movie though), especially joining in with everyone dancing at the end. :)

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