Made in Britain: Alice Peto

Penguins, Parakeets, Flamingos and Guinea Fowls.. no, you are not at Bird World. You are witnessing the gorgeous new collection from the very clever Alice Peto, whom you may already know as a super duper talented artist and illustrator.

Well, Alice decided she wanted to be even more multi-stringed (strung?) and so has turned her hand to china.. 

She trained in Florence (I LOVE FLORENCE) and clearly didn’t eat as much gelato as I did when I was there, as she appears to have had plenty of time to hone her creative skills (I really did eat an enormous amount of Gelato) and develop her already obvious artistic flair and style. (I could write a Gelato guide book.) (Actually that’s not true as I really only went to one place and stayed there most of the time. Hi Luigi, if you’re reading.)

Alice Peto
Alice Peto – Flamingo

Her collection currently consists of four designs; Flamingo, Guinea Fowl, Parakeet and Penguin. The animals are portrayed in silhouettes, with hand painted detail and each design as their own distinctive character. 

There are plates, pasta bowls, mugs, oven dishes and casserole dishes.. and they are made to last! This china is not to be gazed at through a glass cabinet – it has been designed to be used everyday. 

Alice Peto
Alice Peto – Penguin

Clever Alice is based around the corner from me in Notting Hill, but her china is made, where so much gorgeous British porcelain is made, in Stoke-on-Trent – home to Wedgwood, Emma Bridgewater and Royal Doulton, amongst many others. 

Alice Peto is sitting alongside some of the greats. And deservedly so. I can’t think of a nice Chrimbo present, myself. 

So go on…

Pick up a Penguin.

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  1. Gorgeous! I’ve just happened upon you by accident as I’ve got an etsy store by a very similar name- poppylovestogroove. Must say I’m happy to be sharing my namesake with such a lovely blog!

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